26 March 2016

Speedy Blush

Collection Speedy Blush - buy it here.
Here comes a boring make up tip! Everyone in the UK knows that the brand Collection is a budget option for when you run out of something the week before pay day and you just can't afford anything else in the meantime. I bought this blush stick for £3 (!) as an emergency back-up and it has really proved worthy of my make up bag. 

I use this as a finishing touch after the rest of the make up is done, including blushing your cheeks with bronzer. This pink/peachy colour gives you a fresh, summery look BUT the best part is that it stays on all day as it's quite creamy. It gives you a light glowy highlight and can also be used as a base before applying your blush as this will work like a tinted primer.
Stick it on and smudge it out. Try it!

25 March 2016

Whistles Nude Rada Platforms

Hey hey! Long time no see I know. Work is all I have on my mind at the moment, which I'm OK with.

Even though I bought these shoes a couple of weeks ago I still need to show them off, cause... Look at them. They're flawless. Nude, suede platform sandals with a sole made out of cork and wood. Perfect for any occasion if you ask me.

I'd been drooling over them online for a while but had involuntarily come to terms with that there is just no way I can buy sandals for £160. I just couldn't justify it - and I'm PRETTY good at that usually. I comforted myself with that "one day I'll make so much money that I can spend a month's salary on a handbag without feeling a thing...". It took some of the pain away, but not entirely.

But then, one sunny morning after my alarm went off just after 7.30, I received an email from Whistles stating that the yearly 25% discount code is now available in this month's edition of Grazia. Got dressed, threw my lunch box in my handbag and went down to the corner shop.

I had bought the shoes even before getting to work that day, calling the shop directly and paying over the phone. Haha you should have heard me, I was desperate. The next day they came delivered to the office and that was that story. I thought I'd share that.