26 January 2016

Single Expenses

I've been thinking. I've been thinking. Is it more expensive being single than in a couple?

Yes! You're more dependent on the life outside your flat, as that's where you interact with other people. Fair enough you can lie home and watch Netflix (and chill with yourself) but how exciting is it when you've already seen all seasons of Project Runway, Project Runway All-Stars, Project Runway Junior, Project Runway Sweden...? Trust me - not very. When I was single and started streaming Masterchef Junior I knew I'd taken it too far.

Think about it; a single girl probably arranges a couple of dates a week via some dating app to pass time (and of course to hopefully find THHHHHEEEEE OOOONNNEEEE). Never any shared taxi rides after a night out or to the airport. Never just paying half the rent or half the ridiculous council tax bill. And what about cooking? To make use of all the food you buy when you buy fresh ingredients you must be bloody efficient with your cooking.

Let's take this as an example; you're single and you want tacos. Like every normal human being wants once a week. You buy lettuce, tomatoes, a cucumber, peppers, a Santa Maria taco kit, minced beef, avocados to make some guac, soured cream and a can of sweet corn. You chop up half of everything and have a lovely meal. You never cook just enough either, always too much.

"Eat the leftovers the next day" you say? 
"Use the veggies for something else that week" you say?

That would be great if not the life of a single girl looks like this;

Monday; new week new beginnings. Monday funday!! I'm gonna go to the supermarket and buy loads of healthy food after work as I started my diet today. I'll buy loads so it lasts the whole week. I'm gonna be good and bring healthy food to work all week. Mmm tacos isn't that unhealthy is it? I'm having tacos tonight, I've been dieting for 8 hours I deserve it. Tuesday; woop I've got a date tonight! Meeting him straight after work for a drink. Having a great time, getting way too drunk and having a Big Mac menu on my way home. Wednesday; Oh my god this is gonna be a long day... The only think that can make this day of pretending not to be hungover in front of my boss is food. (I hit the supermarket to buy Haribo's, diet coke and a greasy ready meal). Thursday; Oh man why did I drink AGAIN last night. Oh that's right - because there's nothing better or more tempting after a day hungover at work than HAVING A DRINK AFTER WORK. Friday; Friyay bitchezz! Meeting the girls for drinks and dinner - wooops it's 6 in the morning and I'm having a Big Mac again. Saturday; ooh Sunday tomorrow, this weekend is going by way too fast. Gotta make the best of this day - I'm treating myself to a breakfast at that cosy cafe down the road. Something healthy though *sucks in belly when checking myself out*. Oh and I have another dinner date tonight! I'm not gonna order a salad though, don't want to be that girl. All girls try not to be that girl. But most of them are actually that girl. Sunday; Why the fuck is my fridge full of mouldy vegetables?

Anyone else craving tacos?

23 January 2016

Whistles SALE

Yesterday I received the beautiful news that next week is pay day!! My fingers were itching after holding back on the spending for a few weeks but today I treated myself to a visit to Whistles. Which is always dangerous. Love that store but damn it's pricy. Do you have Whistles in Sweden?

I found this navy pinstripe pencil skirt for an astonishing, breathtaking price of £16.50! Down from £85! Money well spent. I'm very into work wear at the moment by the way, not the biggest of surprises maybe :) GOD how I don't miss waitressing.


I've already told many of my friends about this app but I have to mention it again. Depop basically looks like an Instagram account but you upload pictures of things that you're selling. People can then like, message you or instantly buy the product.

I've sold quite a few things since I downloaded the app about two years ago. The easy sells are obviously designer items, like the Acne Studios sweatshirt below; I bought it for £88 and sold it on depop for £153! I've also sold presents form an ex boyfriend that I due to natural reasons didn't want anymore. How good is that?

So the thing with depop is that even if you don't sell anything the first, second or third month, if you just upload loads of things and then leave it - eventually there will pop up a message on your phone saying someone wants to buy your old jacket that's thrown under your bed taking up space. I mean, people even sell Primark items on this thing, which I find a little bit disturbing as there is actually someone out there who buys second hand clothes from a shop where a top is £3 brand new... But hey, every woman for herself.

I should say though that depop charges you 10% of whatever you sell so if you're trying to sell something expensive I'd suggest to use depop as a source of communication where you find a buyer and then arrange payments through a regular bank transfer. Ca-tjing!

19 January 2016

Anna October

Time for another new-found designer I've fallen in love with - Anna October.

This Ukrainian designer (above in red!) makes feminine and romantic clothes with a tailored touch. Bare shoulders, big ruffles and structured yet flowy fabrics. Anna graduated in 2010 which is pretty amazing considering how far she's come. The brand is only three years old and she's already recognised worldwide.

The only Anna October stockist right now in Europe is located in Ukraine so to buy any of the pieces you must go through the website. Unfortunately for me I'm not rich enough to afford anything but a girl can always dream. And try to find similar budget versions of the pieces. Even though some parts of the collection are available on sale for around £200, most of it costs around £500. Which is a bit steep I know. But look.

The last two dresses......................... Come to mama.

17 January 2016

First week at work

It's official, I'm now the PA at LogicSpot. How freaking fabulous!!

It was a short week as I started on Wednesday. I'm quite happy about that as it was information overload as it was. I mean, imagine a half term exam worth 50% of your final grades, and that you had to learn all that information in three days before your test. That's how it felt. My brain was fried.

BUT I can't explain how happy I am!! It feels so right; the company, the people, the location, the travel, the workload. It's going to be a massive challenge and I'm gonna have to learn how to multi-task like never before, but hopefully I'll do a good job. Right now I'm that frustrating person that's asking 100 questions and is probably more of a liability than helpful but that's just how it is in the beginning like with any new job. I'll get there.

I'd say the absolutely biggest challenge is the fact that I now work in an industry that I have no previous experience of WHAT so ever. Web design and developing. With this industry comes many new terms, words and meanings as you can imagine. It's like people are talking another language. Again, I'll get there.

I think that's it for now. Now I'm going to enjoy this Sunday and get ready for tomorrow and a new week. Damn it feels good not to have that Monday feeling, can't wait for tomorrow!

12 January 2016

Wicked Wicker Flatforms

You have to be smart when the massive winter sale is on - that's the perfect time to grab some true summer bargains that will go up in price again once the glorious summer is back again. Like these babies! Not real leather unfortunately but I love the wicker detail and the flatform style. They add a few centimetres to my already stupidly tall self, but who gives a damn. As long as your boyfriend is taller than you it's all goood.

I've realised how useful and valuable a pair of nice, slightly dressed up flats are after I bought my Whistles flatforms, remember those bad boys? I used them so often that I bought the grey ones as well, a very sound investment. Converses in all their glory but a pair of flats that are versatile enough to wear both to work and out for drinks are golden.

Find them HERE before they're sold out - £31.50. Unless you thought they were hiedous and would never, ever wear shoes like these, then you've just waisted a few minutes of your life.

8 January 2016

Blue Mascara Inspo

Me with the Colour Lash Mascara from Collection - £2

Back to the eighties. I invested in a (cheap) blue mascara just before Christmas to do a test-run. I can still remember this girl who came in to the pub this summer and she had shiny brown hair, blue mascara and a white loose shirt. She looked soooo stunning. Since then I've had my eye on a blue mascara, so that's how the story goes. 

My advise when wearing a blue mascara is to: 1. Keep the rest of your make up very basic and natural. Don't forget the brows though. 2. Don't forget to paint your lower lashes. 3. Don't wear ANYTHING coloured. 4. Don't listen to your boyfriend when he stares at you for 10 seconds then shouts that you look like a girl from a school disco back in -97. Boys just don't get it.

5 January 2016


And off we go! Two relaxing, amusing, snowy and precious weeks in Stockholm are over. As always it didn't feel like it was enough time to see everyone but I guess that's just how it goes.

Coming home over the holidays make you realise how important family is and what an energy boost it is to have them around. And it is so nice having Lloyd with me to show him how great Sweden can be despite the fact that I chose to pack my bags and move a few years ago (almost 10 years now?!?!?). Lloyd has learned some new Swedish words (not just the dirty ones but actual useful words!), is now addicted to rödbetssallad, and saw a frozen over lake for the first time.

Til' next time - love you all and see you soon <3

4 January 2016

Christmas Prezzy

Aaaaah my handsome boyfriend.. He is an absolute legend when it comes to Christmas presents. He would empty his bank account to get the perfect present for me and I love him for it (that made me sound like a superficial golddigger, that's not the case). And he has given me such perfect gifts the two years we've been together. They guy bought me a Macbook Air for our first Christmas. I mean come on - talk about setting the bar!!

Hopefully I've given him some decent presents over the years as well but I can't help but feeling like I'm playing catch up. Hopefully one day I'll be able to wrap a car key or something in a little box and make his jaw drop. But until then...

This year I could only think of two things that I really wanted. Tory Burch earrings and a Larsson & Jennings watch in rose gold. The little bastard got me both. And then some. I'll show you the earrings later on but for now, here is LE watch:

3 January 2016

New Years Eve

Happy New Year!
2016 is here my friends and it feels good.

Me and Lloyd were invited to one of my best friends' flat for a 3 course meal and drinks (Isn't it weird how we divide our friends into only two categories by the way; we have the "one of my best friends" and the less important "a friend". You don't want to classify or rank your best friends so they all end up in the same category. But the gap between those guys and the "friends" are quite big. And there's usually a big difference between people in the "one of my best friends" group as well. Anyone know what I mean?!). Long parentheses there but sometimes those are needed.

The night consisted of great food that we ordered from Kajsa Warg (recommended!) and heaps of prosecco and red wine, drinking games and dancing. Both me and Lloyd had such a great night and it reminded me of never EVER ever going out on new years eve again.

Thank you again booboo Elin (and Johannes) for having us <3 (one of my best friends)

Played 'Who am I" where three ppl had Kanye West and two Obama haha....
A bunch of pretty girls and Lloyd. And Johannes. No complaints there.
NYE countdown excitement! And a sneak-peak of my new jacket.
Elin - drunk as a skunk before 22:00 :)