31 January 2015

Friday eve

Had such a great night yesterday!

We went to a restaurant in Twickenham called Brough; me, Lloyd, his lovely mum and stepdad and their 2 friends. Had an amazing surf and turf. I just can't order anything else when there's steak on the menu. Kinda boring that way.

Feel like shit today though, I blame the white wine. I usually drink red but I hate red wine teeth! Especially since I laugh with my whole face haha..

To support my theory about the white, this is exactly what I drank last night:

1 pint Paulaner
2 lrg+2 sml glasses white
Single whisky
Double Sailor Jerry's & coke
50/50 captain Morgan & coke (at the in-laws house, why is it that drinks made at home ALWAYS are 50 spirits/50 mixer?)

Fair enough I'm mixing a lot but this is spread out over an entire night! If you know me you know that I can drink quite a lot.

Why do I feel like a slapped ass?



30 January 2015

Mara Hoffman

Loooook at these. I've never heard of this NY based designer before, just stumbled over some shots from her runway show from MBFW. Love the ethnic, over-the-top prints, so sexy.

The price for one of these bad boys is around $110 per piece (top/bottom), available at Net-A-Porter or Hoffman's own website. LOVE the first one but come on, how am I gonna get a nice tan in that? Good for a pool party though or a surfing sesh :)

Healthy eatin'

Off today! On a Friday, what happened there?

I went up super early, went to the gym and then for a tan at South Beach, so relaxing. At the moment I'm lying in bed in a severe food coma.. Thought I'd give you a tip of a healthy meal, it's one of my favourites.

I basically buy whatever vegetables I'm craving, slice them up (no peeling the skin off!) and then throw it in an oven dish with olive oil to roast them crispy. Today I used sweet potato, carrot, asparagus and red onion. Salt & pepper - in the oven on high heat.

Then put a salmon fillet on top of some foil, add salt & pepper and grate loads of lemon peel all over. After the veggies have been cooking for about 15 min; wrap the salmon up and put that in the oven as well. Leave it for another 10 and DONE. Serve with cottage cheese with grated lemon peel and a sqeeze of lemon juice.

Need a nap now, dinner out with the in-laws tonight!

29 January 2015

iPhone upgrade

Right, I've had my black iPhone 5 for about a year and a half now. I'm out of storage, it's been dropped to the floor about 100 times and the camera is starting to give up (by the way, I've never managed to keep hold of the same phone for this long in my life so well done Helena, gold star). I clearly need a new phone but I don't know if I can be bothered to get the 6 or if I should just get a 5s for a much better deal..? But then I've always been a bit of a gadget geek..

Not sure what to do? 

28 January 2015

Marble skin

I've already bragged about it on instagram and at work but for all you new people; Lloyd surprised me with a Macbook Air for Christmas! *emoji with heart shaped eyes* Best. Present. Ever. Of course, he knows how clumsy I am and he looks at me with terror every time I use it.

The first few weeks I WAS kind of scared to use it, I thought I would break it just by looking at it. So Lloyd caught me using my old wreck for a laptop instead of it and there was just no end to it...

"Maybe I should just return the Mac since you don't like it?"

"Maybe I should take the Mac and you can keep using your useless old laptop?

He he he. Funny guy.

And THEN, when my confidence grew and I put the old laptop on the shelf to gather some dust, the jokes changed.. and it got pretty dark.

"WATCH the laptop you're gonna drop it!!!!"

"Yeah yeah yeah just put the Mac on the floor so that we can step on it or so that the dog can take a shit on it.."

"Maybe we should just use the Mac as a chopping board in the kitchen or as a door stop the way you're taking care of it?"

"WHAT'S IN THAT LAPTOP CASE? THE CHARGER? REALLY? Don't put anything in there except the Mac you retard!"

Haha I can't win can I.. But you know what, he can say whateever he wants to me, because he gave me a Mac!

Here she is, I would go as far as saying this laptop is sexy. What I was originally gonna write about though - the case! Bought this for like £9 on Amazon, a two piece case in plastic, in matte champagne.

THIS, is on my wish list though.. I've only found Mac-stickers with this marble print on it so far, but I'd love to find a case that would actually protect the laptop as well. How nice?

27 January 2015

Clinique skin care

I've never been very excited about beauty products, different types of face cream, face wash, toner, serum, eye gel, scrubs.. All I hear is that I have to set my alarm 15 minutes earlier in the morning. I've basically washed my face with cheap hand soap all my life haha..

However, I got this Clinique skin care set for Christmas and I feel the need to spread the word. It's amazing. It sounds like a big effort but you just wash your face with the soap, wipe a cotton pad with the toner on your face and finish with the moisturising gel. My favourite is the toner cause you can really feel your skin sting afterwords (a bit of pain makes me think it's working haha). Try it!


Tuesday: back to University. I have to travel an hour to get here so I'm glad I only have lectures and seminars Mon-Wed.

This is pretty much the only 'food' I eat here, all food options are so unhealthy. Me coming from Sweden I don't understand how the interest for healthy food from the Brits can be so small. Even the old corporate men in Sweden go for a low fat detox quinoa salad for lunch! So I stick to my skinny lattes and an occasional croissant.

Bag from Mango

26 January 2015


Here is the latest pair in my shoe collection! I do love a pair of nice heels but there's nothing like a fresh pair of kickzz..

When I met my boyfriend Lloyd he used to slap me when I accidentally stepped on his new trainers. Well he didn't really slap me but he would shout GET OFF in his Scottish accent :) I never really got it and just thought he was being silly but I GET IT NOW. My white shoes are gonna stay white that's all I'm saying. Fair enough a pair of Converses do age like men - with beauty. But that's about as far as I'd go. My Air Force 1:s are getting a bit dark in the seems but I wipe them with a wet cloth probably once a week so they are wearable for a bit longer. 

Oh and guys, New Balance trainers are a big NO-NO, ok?

Superga Dark Bordeaux

Acne Studios - SALE

Aaaaaah I just love Acne Studios. I remember before they got big and international when I bought a pair of high waisted skinny jeans from Ahlens City in Stockholm.. They fit me like a second skin and I remember how I loved those jeans, which I probably saved up for quite a while before buying.

You know the feeling when something is from your home country and you almost take cred for them just because of that..? That's how I feel about Acne Studios (and IKEA). Everytime someone talks about Acne I feel the urge to point out that they're Swedish.

Anyhow, just saw that this amazing Envier jacket is on sale on their website.. It's now £390 instead of £650, such a bargain! It's in wool and cashmere, I just love the clean style and the slits on the sides. If I only had some savings.

Gotta go back to updating my CV now, cause THIS lady has been waved with an amazing job in front of her nose.. More about that later!

21 January 2015

Internet shopping

I don't know about you but the easy access of internet shopping has really got me hooked up. Last week I ordered something every day, and today our doorbell has rung three times with different delivery men. Before 11.30! At uni we always talk about prices being transparent online, which basically means that we as customers now can search for and compare for the cheapest price possible before buying something. I guess that's why shopping in actual stores isn't as interesting anymore. Especially not if you have to elbow your way through oxford street with all the tourists...

Ironically enough I just ordered these bad boys, was originally going to be a birthday present for Lloyd but I don't think I can let them go once I've seen them myself. 

Bought here: Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer Tortoiseshell 902 54 mm (Large)

19 January 2015

Steak Frites

Went out for a spontaneous dinner last night after work with some friends, had such a nice time! We went to High Road Brasserie in Chiswick where me and my bfriend are members which means that we got 50% off the whole bill (winning). I had an amazing steak frites, I must say the place is growing on me!

Anyhow, one bottle of wine led to several double Hendricks & tonics which led to double Sailor Jerry's and coke's.. Which led to me staying up until 04:30 when I knew I had to finish a presentation at uni all day today. I managed to get up though, barely.

Straight from work so was still wearing my boring work clothes. Love my new Stan Smiths though :)

17 January 2015

Hot Katie

OK, Katie Holmes has always rubbed me the wrong way. Yeah you know why. Ever since Dawson's Creek she's always had that lame, annoying face expression - exactly like the girl in the Twilight movies that won't ever close her stupid mouth and always look so confused? What's her name.. Kirsten Stewart (just googled it). 

Back to my point; look at Katie's latest cover shoot for Red, she's fucking hot I'll give her that..

The Stole

You've probably seen this trend on the streets everywhere lately no matter where on the globe you are - the stole. Coloured ones, fluffy ones, small ones.. I love 'em. My favourites are defo the ones in burgundy or navy, both to go with a black coat. Feel inspired:

...and of course there's the moral dilemma that comes with wearing real fur. I'm not sure where I stand to be honest. I think we can all agree that the fur industry is horrible and how animals are being treated is absolutely repulsive. That said, I think many of us are hypocrites. Also, to take it even further there's the questioning about leather, isn't that just as bad? And while we're at it, eating meat vs. not eating meat? If we're gonna slaughter the animal for its meat we might as well use the animal's skin and fur as well, right?

It's a big mushy grey zone and I'm far from educated about the industry and how it truly works so these are just thoughts. Either way, I'm trying to stay away from the Youtube videos about the fur industry for a bit longer... And don't forget there's always faux fur! xx

16 January 2015

Picky boyfriend

Doing a double at work today, gotta pick up as many extra shifts I can since my boyfriend's birthday is coming up and he has expensive taste. He's also SO picky,  never in my life have I struggled this much to buy presents for a guy.

For example, I tried to be super sweet and thoughtful and buy him a spontaneous present when I ordered some stuff from Asos for myself. Clicked through Cheap Monday's stuff which I was into at the moment and found a tshirt that I ordered for him. It was a plain white tshirt with black letters saying CHEAP MONDAY on the front in black.

Long story short, I gave him the tshirt and later on that night when we were out for drinks with some friends he got angry at me (for no reason I thought) and later found out it was all because of the tee. The tshirt wasn't his style and I 'should have known'........ 

Let's just say I choose his presents VERY carefully from that day. And I returned the t-shirt.

Sorry for bitching about you Lloyd :)❤️

15 January 2015

Golden Globe - Best looks

Browsing through the pics from the Golden Globe red carpet, disappointed I must say. Money really can make you loose taste.. 

These are my favourites!

14 January 2015

TRIANGL swimwear

Right, I've been drooling over the TRIANGL bikinis for a good while now. Pictures of ridiculously fit girls wearing them are all over the place. Instagram, glossy mags, blogs, you name it. There doesn't seem to exist a stockist in the UK from what I could find (not even Selfridge's or Harrods) so I doubted for a while: 1. Because of the price 2. Because I don't know what size to order and 3. A return from London to Australia will be quite costly. Stressful.

Anyhow, after like 3 hours of googling I managed to persuade myself that I NEED this bikini. In the middle of January.

So it's now on its way home to me, fingers crossed! 

The style is called Tilly Sunburst and is a little bit sporty but sooo sexy.
Pic borrowed from wheretoget.it.


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