22 July 2015


...WAS NOT THIS CAR!! Haha gonna get loads of clicks on this post ;) My mum is nice but not THAT nice, this is her new lush car that I got to drove when I was in Sweden. I haven't driven since I passed my test in February.. Last year. So this was literally the premiere of me driving legally AND since I took my license in the UK - driving on the right side of the road. It was terrifying but such good fun.

Here are some of the amazing presents I got from my beautiful friends and family. Wasn't expecting anything at all since they were all making such efforts either travelling to London or surprising me with a party once I got to Stockholm :') The Love Knot bracelet was a gift from my best friends and is from Swedish designer Efva Attling. The golden studs were from my dad+girlfriend and are from Swarovski. The champagne as well as the silver studs from Danish designer Dyrberg/Kern were a gift from my uncle+cousin+bfriend :) Other than this I got money from my amazing grandma+grandpa, flowers from my cousin+bfriend as well as a lovely bikini from Lloyd's parents.


Oh and my mum and stepdad told me and Lloyd to pack our bags in 3 weeks time for a surprise holiday at a luxury, all-inclusive hotel somewhere warm. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!! :'D