26 February 2016

Black Bandana

Mmmmmmm as you might have noticed, I love white shirts. Actually maybe you haven't noticed. Well at least my fans/every-day readers will know (hi mum!).

I stumbled over this picture above the other day which made me want to order a black bandana (no other colour than black, we want to avoid the cowboy feel please - not a good look for anyone). I want to wear this ASAP - a loose, unbuttoned (not all the way down he he he he he) white linen shirt like this with a black bandana tied around my neck. Definitely steeling this idea in the near future. It will look so good with my new short hair as well!

Just a side note - this is the first time since I started my new job that I'm feeling that FRIDAY feeling. I love Mondays don't get me wrong, and I also love working. But oh my god I NEED WINE and oh my god NO ALARM TOMORROW.