28 February 2016

New laundry basket!

Ok, how much of a slap in the face is it when you realise that you're now an adult and that you have to spend money on RUBBISH BINS and LAUNDRY BASKETS. On an item where you'll scrape in food leftovers and put sweaty socks? Depressing.

When me and Lloyd moved in to our flat we had a look around Amazon to find a bin for the kitchen. Most of them are well over £100! I found one for over £600, what the actual fuck?! WHO SPENDS THAT KIND OF MONEY ON A RUBBISH BIN?! That's how you know you're making too much money. And yes I know IKEA is the best place to go but I'm not travelling an hour to buy a bin.

Anyhow the bin is snow sorted (found one for £40 - still painful) and we needed a laundry basket. I found a nice one at Zara Home; £35. Fair enough, I know a laundry basket is technically as important as any other piece of interior in your home but it's just so boring to spend money on it.

Tadaa! Stumbled over this beauty at a charity shop - why didn't I think of that before? Guess how much this beast cost us? £3 :)

26 February 2016

Black Bandana

Mmmmmmm as you might have noticed, I love white shirts. Actually maybe you haven't noticed. Well at least my fans/every-day readers will know (hi mum!).

I stumbled over this picture above the other day which made me want to order a black bandana (no other colour than black, we want to avoid the cowboy feel please - not a good look for anyone). I want to wear this ASAP - a loose, unbuttoned (not all the way down he he he he he) white linen shirt like this with a black bandana tied around my neck. Definitely steeling this idea in the near future. It will look so good with my new short hair as well!

Just a side note - this is the first time since I started my new job that I'm feeling that FRIDAY feeling. I love Mondays don't get me wrong, and I also love working. But oh my god I NEED WINE and oh my god NO ALARM TOMORROW.

24 February 2016

ASOS shoe recall

Ha! I definitely don't believe in God but sometimes I wonder if someone's looking down.

Do you remember the thigh-high boots I bought a while back from Daisy Street via ASOS? They've been lying under my bed for some time now. I still really like them - I just find it so hard to wear them without looking hoochie. I think one reason to this is that I'm tall and have long legs. I'm absolutely not disguising a brag here just stating a fact, negatively actually. It's the same phenomenon as with high heels; on shorter girls a certain pair of heels can looks good and classy but on a tall girl it looks over-dressed and trashy. Just the way of life I guess.

So I stopped wearing them. And when I looked under my bed literally the other day I saw them and thought 'Hm. I wish I could return those, waste of money'.

Then today, I receive an email from ASOS called PRODUCT SAFETY WARNING. Turns out this particular shoe has forced ASOS to send out an email to every single person who bought them, saying that people have found the heel faulty and that it can be a safety hazard. If I'd like to return the shoes that's absolutely fine. Used and all.

Talk about coincidence huh?

Stumbled over this pic speaking of heels; google #heelconcept haha... Creepy.

21 February 2016

7-course tasting menu

So I sat at the pub a few months ago swiping away on Groupon to see if there was anything of interest. There was; a 7-course tasting menu at Michelin star restaurant L'Autreu Pied. It's a small cosy French (shock!) restaurant located in Marylebone just off Oxford Street.

I completely forgot I bought this and only just realised the other week that the deal was about to expire, so I booked me and Lloyd in yesterday. And oh my god, the food was absolutely amazing. There wasn't one single dish or ingredient that I wasn't obsessed with.

This exact tasting menu is usually £62 per person but I only paid £31 - such a steal. I can strongly recommend a visit whether you live in London or are here on holiday. You won't get disappointed.

Let the food-envy begin:

Heirloom carrots, pickled raddicchio & creme fraiche
Poached cod, roasted cauliflower & burnt butter sauce
Roast duck, peppered suede, turnips, apple, mustard & jus
Mandarin mousse, chocolate ice cream & chocolate soil
Rhubarb cheesecake & mandarin sorbet

20 February 2016


Time for another designer shout-out: THREE FLOOR.

Heard of them before? I hadn't until the other day. I tried to think of three words to best describe their clothes but it was hard to choose. So I'd like to describe the brand as; edgy, sporty, lacey, colourful, structured, young, skin-showing and with lots of well-made details.

My favourites must be their tops as I love love love slightly box-shaped, cropped, structured shirts and blouses. With a pair of high waisted black jeans or a voluminous skater skirt. The prices aren't too bad either and let's be honest, it's a lot more pleasurable taking good care of and appreciate a real quality piece that you've spent a bit more money on, than a rag from H&M that's unwearable after two washes. All these pieces look super well-made and the pictures are pretty enough to hang on the wall as well.


"THREE FLOOR was founded in 2011 and has become renowned for offering sharp, uber stylish and well-constructed pieces with a sporty edge. Our clothing is both simple and complex, with structured silhouettes that are resplendent in the detailing that has become our signature along with ultra-modern, lux fabrics in statement colour palettes and clean fluid lines.
THREE FLOOR brings a refreshing level of style, construction and design to create accessible clothing which is worn by some of the world’s most stylish influencers, bloggers and celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Amanda Seyfried and Nicole Scherzinger amongst others; as well as Kristina Bazan (kayture.com), Ella Gregory (cocosteaparty.com) and Rosie Fortescue (atfashionforte.com) to name a few.
In an incredibly short period, THREE FLOOR has grown into an international brand with a presence in over 100 influential stores and boutiques world-wide and is fast becoming the ‘go to’ for statement pieces which make an impact and which ensure the wearer can’t fail to be noticed."

17 February 2016

There's always pizza.

Last weekend my beautiful used-to-be-stepsister-but-I-just-call-her-my-sister Märta was in London for a Valentines weekend with her boyfriend Gabbe. Me and Märta's parents were together for 10-ish years so we grew up together. The love between our parents are over but the love between us remains :')

This is what I wore when we went out for dinner in Notting Hill one evening. They came straight from a Chelsea game so I kind of assumed I'd be overdressed but Märta had a dress with her in her bag - trooper!

Anyhow the three of us went to a great Italian restaurant called The Oak (tip!). Lloyd couldn't join us as he had a trial that night in a super fancy cocktail bar, but said he might join in later for drinks. First of all I can really recommend the Antipasti board at this place. You get all the usual cured meats and trimmings like prosciutto, bresaola, salami, caper berries and feferoni, but under this pile of meat is also a cinnamon poached pear. Amazing! And I know my antipasti boards.

We had a lovely dinner, drinks, chats and laughs and then Lloyd calls - he's done and wants to join. He's starving. So I see how long the kitchen is open for (8 minutes) and tell Lloyd to grab in an Uber and I'll order a pizza for him for when he gets here. I have a look at the menu again; HERR ÅBER! One Diavola please, my boyfriend is joining us.

Now. Let's take a moment and look at the picture above. So I've googled the right thing AND the website on the bottom part is the correct one. The address in between is wrong. I'm sending Lloyd across town to the wrong restaurant. After a trial at a really fancy place where he was wearing a waistcoat. A waistcoat! Poor fella.

The moment I realised (when he called me, walking around in the cold trying to find this bloody restaurant) I just stared at my phone and interrupted Märta and Gabbe with an OH-OH......

Lloyd got annoyed - I felt horrible. Luckily there's only one thing that could have saved that situation once I got home. A Diavola in a take away box.

So remember - there's always pizza.

16 February 2016

Lloyd got one year older.

Birthday boy haha <3
Busy weeks are resulting in no blogging what so ever. Last week I fell asleep at 21:00 in the evening. WOW.

Anyhow, the other week we were out to celebrate Lloyd’s birthday! As always when having too much of a good time - there are not many pictures left as evidence in my photo library, at least not any non-blurry ones. Probably for the better?

We decided to discover a new postcode for once and reserved a table at El Patron in Putney. Well guessed - a Mexican place! A laid back restaurant with good, classic Mexican food and a lively atmosphere. The lower ground turns into a small nightclub where there was both a DJ playing old-school classics (think Destiny’s child, Will Smith and Missy Elliot - not the Backstreet Boys-disco kinda thing) but also a huarache band popping up from time to time wearing massive sombreros. Haha!

After (literally) emptying the bar of Pacifico’s and Cafe Patron we danced all night until the lights turned on and things got awkward.

A great night indeed :)

Battle of the noses :')
Blue Steele

The taxi driver is taking the picture. Nuf said.

3 February 2016

When the boyfriend's away..

Once in a while, my boyfriend spends the evening watching football at the pub. That means, for those nights and those nights only, I get to eat what I want. Not considering anyone else's needs or wants when strolling through the supermarket - just being selfish.

Don't get me wrong, Lloyd is an amazing cook! Much better than I am, but there are some things that he just never fancies. Like anything that's healthy for starters. Haha. Or one of the loves in my life - charcuteries. Cured meat in every shape, taste & form, the smelliest cheese you can find and a nice bottle of red. This is seriously what I eat for dinner every time I'm on my own. Like a little treat. And I'm a very firm believer of self-treating. You feel like going to a Michelin star restaurant on a Monday? Do it! You wanna spend £2000 on a handbag? Do it! Life really is too short. So this is me tonight guys:

Gruyere, Manchego, Iberico, Chorizo, Felino Salami, etc etc etc. And a dark, heavy, full-bodied glass of red.

1 February 2016

Long Bobbie

Had a few glasses of vino on Friday night with my boo Gabbie. Decided to cut half my hair off the next day. Woke up at 9, texted my hairdresser Dave - Got space..? Yes love, see you at 1.30.

And just like that - poff almost 20 cm gone! A long bob if you may. Feels great.

Snapped a picture to remember how long it actually was.
Second thoughts.
This is not a drill.
It's done. No turning back.