3 October 2015

Acne Studios - Small Leather Goods

You guys haven't missed Acne Studio's new line Small Leather Goods have you? It's a really clever way to incorporate affordable accessories to the brand's otherwise quite pricy collection. The line includes a cardholder, different sized wallets, pouches, a necklace keyring and a bracelet, all in similar colour range. Orange, black, white and navy. You can also have your item personalised with up to three letters, an alphabet style collab with Jack Pierson. All items are made in Italian calf leather and has the branded Acne Studios snap button closure as well as printed branding on the back. Perfect gift idea! To yourself..


The Larimar in orange is my personal favourite, out of stock obviously.. Hopefully back in stock soon. This leather envelope pouch measures 24 cm x 17.5 cm and costs £170. The perfect size, colour and clean design. This style comes in three different sizes, this is the medium one. I've been using my black Whistles clutch for months now and I think this could be a good replacement (and clutch upgrade). Can I also mention that I am now responsible enough to use clutches on a full-time basis as I no longer leave it behind in bars, buses and restaurants. I am now responsible with my things! It took 26 years.