27 February 2015

Raspberry Ketones

I ordered mine online, here!

I heard about these diet pills a few months back and when I saw them at Holland & Barrett I thought I'd give it a go. I'm trying to go to the gym 3 times a week but I rarely have the time or the energy to go, you know how it is..... I'm all about eating healthy and exercising but if swallowing a pill can make me beach-ready I'm all up for it!!

Of course no pill is a miracle pill I am being realistic about it, but I do think these work. They make you feel a lot fuller than usual and makes you kind of loose your appetite for eating (sounds sad I know). This is great for me since when I for example cook something that will "last a whole weeeeek" I end up eating it all the same day haha..

Anyhow, I've only been on these for a couple of weeks so I'm gonna carry on and give you an update at a later date. These 500mg pills are only to be taken once a day, while there are weaker Raspberry Ketone pills that are supposed to be taken twice a day. I went for the strong shit!

25 February 2015


Adidas Stan Smith's, Superga Bordoux, Converse All White, Nike Air Force 1 Low, Converse Low White  (used to be..)

The past year has really been the year of the sneaker for me. Or trainers as Lloyd would correct me (American vs. British English..). I've always been a Converse girl and I buy a fresh pair of white ones every spring. Let's face it, they look good on anyone and they're bloody comfy as well.

I've never really cheated on my Converses until last year because I've always felt that any other shoe would look like bricks on my gigantic feet (Size 7). But then I realised - who the fuck cares if my feet look big? They ARE big. But I'm tall and I kind of don't wanna be a size 3 anyways, I'd fall over if it was windy...

I don't like it when my shoes get dirty so I often spend my (paid) time at work cleaning them with a linen napkin, sorry boss but it has to be done. And I don't have any clean, pressed, expensive linen napkins at home to use ;)

On the wish list - Nike Thea Womens in Black & White

23 February 2015

Style icon

Nicole Richie has been a style icon of mine for ages. She just look so sexy and elegant no matter what she wears. I mean come on, who the fuck looks that hot in green hair?! I personally loved her purple hair as well, I think she looked amazing. How does she not look like an emo?

I've never tried to imitate her style though cause she is, as you all can see with you own eyes, skin and bones. At some point in my life I just had to realise that I have tits and ass and it's just to embrace it. I try to wear clothes that suit my body type, as should eeeeveryone else. Obviously there's loads of fashion that I love but that doesn't mean I should wear it. I think that's a good reminder for everyone, just because something looks good on someone else doesn't necessarily mean that it will look good on you.. The sooner you realise that the sooner you'll look your best. HASHTAG INSPO HASHTAG QUOTEOFTHEDAY. Sorry don't mean to sound so pretentious.

Anyhow, here are some of my favourite looks!


Oh, and by the way. CAN YOU REMEMBER THIS?! The simple life with Paris Hilton? Talk about improvement...

22 February 2015

Sushi & studies

Aaah so tired but so busy..

I was working 9-18 today and had to go straight home to study. Red bull and coffee all the way. I have a deadline for a 3000 word report in International Marketing tomorrow that I'm not even close to have finished. Since marketing is what I want to work with after graduating, hopefully at a multinational company, a top grade in this module wouldn't be too bad of a start.. I'm writing about Abercrombie & Fitch (not by choice, I hate A&F) and how their marketing strategies should look like when moving from the home US market into the European market. Thought you were eager to know!

I treated myself to some sushi on my way home from the Hare & Tortoise. Thought I'd save myself some precious time since I didn't have to go home and waste time cooking. Ended up eating sushi in front of an episode of Vikings and then fell asleep for 1,5 hours. Great.

Always ask for EXTRA ginger, best part!

21 February 2015

Gift idea for him

I'm always googling around to get some gift inspiration around Christmas, Bdays and Valentines.. So I thought I'd give you a tip myself!

I got my boyfriend these Clarks Originals Desert Boots for Christmas and I just love them (doesn't really matter if he loves them since I'm the one who's gonna be looking at them - just kidding he loves them too). It's a classic style that never go out of date and fit most people. They look so hot with a pair of black skinny jeans and a shirt, which happens to be Lloyd's style to the point. I can see these boots on any age really, but guys please don't wear them with bootcut jeans.. That would hurt my eyes. Not a fan of the cowboy look.

Lloyd wanted the black ones, which are my favourites too.

Love these ones in the colour Taupe as well.

These boots cost £80 and you can find them at Clarks, Office or Size. I bought them here.

17 February 2015

Please return to..

Haven't shown you this little mint coloured box yet. I've been wanting this necklace for a while now so I decided to treat myself and bought it in Dubai. Very convenient since my student finance just appeared on my current account... Hahaha what else is that money for than to go shopping at Tiffany's?! Paying rent is so last year...

Classic heart tag pendant in silver, size small, 18" chain, £125.
Find it here.

16 February 2015


Right, I found this top at Cos in Dubai... Didn't buy it and now I NEED IT. I tried on the largest size cause I want to wear it as a dress, I think it's absolutely stunning. The material looks super luxe and it's in a dark, shiny navy. I took pictures of it cause I wasn't sure whether to buy it and thought that I'd find it in London if I change my mind. BUT I've been looking all over the internet and I just can't find it. Not sure if this is an old piece or the opposite - that it just hasn't arrived to the UK shops yet. But I'm very, very sad. Help?

This one is from ASOS - sold out of course.
Similar dress from Stella McCartney.


Rihanna & Beyonce, no words necessary.
I always love to flick through the pics from New York Fashion Week once published. The outfits aren't too exciting this time around but the simple explanation for that is that it was snowing in New York so there was bound to be some heavy layering going on. I feel more starstruck looking at these pictures rather than fashionably inspired.

Here are some of my favourite pics from Tuesday's front rows, all taken from Vogue.

Come on girls we all feel the struggle...

Jay-Z & Beyonce, one of the most powerful couples in the world?

Khloe, Kendall & Kylie, I still want that black Nano bag..
Happy family. Wait a minute... Kanye SMILING?!!

13 February 2015


Aaaaah I'm about to hook up with my former stepsister slash friend Marta. We used to be as close as can be, sharing a room and bed at our parents house. We used to gossip for hours and do all the things you shouldn't do when you're 14. Haven't seen this lady in about 2 years (!!) so I'm dead excited.. Gonna meet her boyfriend as well, it's gonna be a good night :)


Work outfit of today! I bought this amazing white tee (which you can't even see - I know) from Cos in the Dubai Mall, just a plain one but the material is amazing. The watch is my favourite which I bought maybe 2 years ago, still love it. It's not as girly as many other watches are which I like. I bought my one from London Watch Shop by the Bond Street tube station, I can highly recommend them! They gave me a random discount just to be nice and I've received great service several times after that as well. Also about the watch, let me just say that this one is NOT to be associated with the hyped Michael Kors watches, can't stand them...

The Dubai mall btw is apparently the biggest shopping center in the entire world and we went there in the evening of our last day. It was alright, many of the shops contained kind of weird Arabic fashion which you can imagine is a bit different.. No slutty dresses or skirts = not interested. Haha kidding.. But hey, they had MANY other shops too in all price ranges, from H&M to Chanel.

Watch Marc by Marc Jacobs, trousers River Island, t-shirt Cos, Converse

12 February 2015

Food ❤️

The food at Atlantis is honestly the best quality food I've ever seen at a hotel. We tried quite a few restaurants and of course it was amazing, not really surprised about that. But one day after we had been playing at the massive waterpark like kids for about 4 hours (at the hotel, free access!!), we felt like eating our own weights in food. And what's better than a buffet?

We were so shocked when we came in to the restaurant though, they had EVERYTHING and you know when people say 'they had everything' they usually DON'T have everything? But this place had everything. EVERYTHING!

There was Italian, Indian, Arabic, Thai, British, Asian, Sushi, cheeses, salads, sandwiches, desserts, cured meats, 20 types of bread, fruits.. You could even have your own risotto cooked by a chef on the spot.

It was quite dark in there so the pics aren't great but just look at it... A food lover's heaven. 

Chocolate fountain, cupcake pyramid, pick n mix sweets..


A gigantic parmesan cheese

Apple and salted caramel topped with whipped cream

The risotto station

More desserts..

Sushi & different salads

......... Cheese. Spent a lot of time here. Lloyd laughed at me.

11 February 2015

Tax free

We've literally had the best time here and I have for once taken loads of pictures.. But I'm enjoying myself way too much to spend time in front of a laptop so will show you everything later. In the meantime, here's what I bought at Gatwick before we left :) Gotta love tax free!

Chanel nail polish nr 18 Rough Noir - £15 / all white low Converses - £37

9 February 2015

Dubai maddafakkas!

We're finally here! After some shopping and sushi at the airport we got on the 7 hour flight straight to Dubai. We flew with Emirates so it was super comfortable, especially for someone being used to Ryanair's embarrassing standards.. We watched two movies, had a 3 course meal and free drinks. Lloyd was too hungover to make use of the free bar but I had a few cheeky ones, would be rude not too hehe. One of the staff also came over with a big cake saying happy birthday to Lloyd, talk about service!

After that we jumped in a taxi which took us to Atlantis and oh my god, it looks just like in the pictures. I think we could see the hotel on the horizon about 10 minutes before we were even there, it's massive!

At the entrance, all red and gold and with hotel porters in suits everywhere, our doors were opened, our luggage was put on a trolley and we were wished welcome to Atlantis. Me and Lloyd just looked at each other in shock, neither of us have ever been to a place like this before.

After checking in we found out that our room wasn't ready so we got our beach gear out and went to the pool - where we both passed out. When we got our room around 2 pm we both ordered steaks up to our room, so good.. Could get used to live like this! I'll take more pics tomorrow but here's a little preview! Xx