31 March 2015

Go shawty it's your...

Morning cuddles with Riley :)
Lovely Richmond.. Favourite spot in London
Lunch at Jackson+Rye by the river

In the evening Lloyd surprised me with a specially requested 7-course tasting menu at Micheline star restaurant La Trompette <3
Followed by drinks with friends at a local bar...
Discovered my new favourite cocktail - cucumber martini!
So long story short, Lloyd spoilt me big time and I had the most amazing birthday.. xxx

30 March 2015

The Breakfast Club

Sorry for the lack of contact, it's been a long weekend. It was my birthday on Friday which my boyfriend made bloody amazing, and the rest was all work. I have loads of pictures to show you, will write a post about it tomorrow!

Today I had to wake up at 7:00 (on my day off..) to go to Sainsbury's and buy cleaning products for our cleaner that was scheduled to come at 8:00. And I'm being absolutely serious here; the £10 per hour that she costs is the best investment I've ever made in my life. She cleans our kitchen, 2 bathrooms and does all the floors in 3 hours. She even polishes the appliances in the kitchen. Brilliant.

After that I went to Soho to meet my friend Gabi for brunch. We wanted to try the bespoken Breakfast Club. If you've read this blog before you know how passionate I feel about breakfast, so I was very excited.

When we got there, there was a QUEUE of about 15 people outside the cafe. We ended up queuing for probably 45 minutes (!!!) out in the cold and as time passed we thought - this must be goooood! And indeed it was. I'm very curious as to why this little hole in the wall, completely off the high street, could become such a hype? Very intriguing. I guess it must be a celeb hotspot or something. Btw there was about 90% Asians there. Not pointing this out in a racist way, just wondering WHY?

Anyhow, we found a great review in advance about their version of an Eggs Benedict (loooooove eggs benny) that I had to try. It was an english muffin with chorizo, avocado, poached egg, hollandaise sauce and fresh chillies on top. It may sound a bit weird, and it was a bit weird. Weird flavour combos you know? But it tasted absolutely delicious. Gabi had american pancakes with fresh berries which she said was the best she'd ever had. In terms of pancakes.

24 March 2015

New in

Went on a smaller shopping spree yesterday. I've already shown you the dress I bought but I also got these shoes and top. I found the top at H&M and bought it simply because it reminded me of the dress I was looking for (and thought I'd never see again). I'm still keeping it even though I found the dress 5 minutes later haha..

I LOVE the pastel green sandals, found them at Zara and they're in real leather which is great. I'm really done with plastic shoes, they last about 1 week, make your feet smelly and are usually so uncomfortable. I've also really tried to only buy flats recently that I'll be able to wear on a day-to-day basis. Figured these will be great with a short dress and bare (tanned) legs this summer. And as you know I've been craving the Adidas Superstars for a while. I Facetimed Lloyd to show him the sneakers and he just said "Nooooooooo....." while showing a disgusted facial expression. Too bad that I don't take style advise from you babe ;) They're stayin'!

I also bought a scented candle smelling of linen & seagrass, and a short sleeved shirt with some nice details around the collar. I was basically trying to find a top that would go with my black cigarette pants and pointy stilettos, I'm gonna try it on later to see if it's a match or not!

Top H&M - £15
Leather sandals Zara - £50, Adidas Superstar UO - £56

23 March 2015

The dress

I FOUND IT! In black even! I couldn't believe it today when I went to Westfield shopping center and stumbled over COS just before I was about to leave. So I went in and this is the first thing I see. It's even more beautiful than the navy one I tried on in Dubai. Why don't they have this on their UK website? Maybe it's brand new stock, what do I know.

What I do know is that it's finally mine. I think this will have to be my b-day outfit for Friday. I'm thinking bare legs, chelsea boots and simple earrings with my hair let out. How stunning is it?

From COS - £89 - find it here!


This little doll used to work with me but left a week ago to go travel for 5 months. Miss your little face! After work drinks just aren't the same without ya.. And I still haven't been to the gym since you left haha.. Hope you're having the time of your life!

Pics from her leaving dinner & drinks :)

21 March 2015

Clean eating

You heard me! No more Haribo's, salt & vinegar crisps, chocolate bars, fries, KFC, creamy pasta's, sandwiches... My 'treat myself' days are done and OVER. I might be too lazy to go to the gym 5 days a week but there is just no excuse not to eat healthy.

The thing is I do actually love and prefer vegetables, fish, soups, salads, fruit, seeds etc etc.. It really isn't a big deal or a sacrifice for me to eat healthy, it's just because of pure laziness that I don't at the moment. I do blame my job at the pub since they feed us with staff food daily which consists of carbs with carbs with a side of carbs. It also makes me hungry at odd hours and it is often mine and Lloyd's only opportunity to have some quality time with each other after work, which means that we often cook a meal and watch series when we get home. Even if it's 2 am in the morning.

So, from yesterday and onward - NO MORE JUNK TO MY TRUNK. My butt is big enough already. Time to get fit.

Today's breakfast:
low fat yoghurt with blueberries, strawberries with cinnamon, raspberries.
And loads of coffee.

19 March 2015


New season - new shoes. Figured I need some casual day-to-day shoes that aren't sneakers or have heels on them. What better solution than a fresh pair of plimsolls! Gonna rock these on sunny days paired with black, tight skinny jeans, a trench coat and a pair of wayfarers. Gotta stay freshhhh..

Zara - £40


Me and my booo celebrated a year together yesterday!

Lloyd had been to Scotland for a couple of days so we met at the restaurant, Rock & Rose in Richmond. We always leave the house together whenever we're going to dinner since we live together, so it felt even more special yesterday not seeing him all dressed up until we met over there. He had pre-ordered a bottle of Prosecco which was at the table when I arrived as well, so sweet. Had an amazing night, as we always do.

Love you to the moon and back <3

Starters - crispy pork belly and chilli squid. SO. GOOD.

Skirt Zara, t-shirt & clutch Whistles, heels New Look

Ended our night with a beer and whisky each in front of a bad movie cuddled up in the sofa :)

18 March 2015

Series addict

Doesn't it feel like movies are a bit dated... And that series are the way to go? My first choice every time.

You know the feeling when you really get to know the characters and the jokes become hilarious and you get hooked on finding out what's next? Or the excitement is just so big because you're hooked on the story? It's kind of like reading a really good book, but the book never ends.

Where I wanna get is, I thought I'd give you a few series-recommendations since I've basically seen all there is to see at this point. And I've got a great sense of humour so I know what's good and what's not. BTW don't expect to see any vampire/zombie/science fiction shit though, hate it all... YES even twilight.

Here is my complete list of recommendations, in random order;

VIKINGS. You get it............................... Just fucking watch him. I mean it. The show. Watch the show.

Who hasn't seen Breaking Bad at this point? Overrated or not, the show IS brilliant. Different storyline and good acting. The last season was a bit of a bore but the ending was great. No spoil.

Californication! About a whisky-drinking, sex addicted writer in... California. Entertaining and great for a lazy Sundays on Netflix. Doesn't it make you feel so bad about yourself when Netflix pauses itself after like 5 episodes and asks you if you're actually still watching? Yes. Yes I'm still lying here.

Dexter.. One of my absolute favourites. I preach this show to everyone because everyone should watch it. One of the most thrilling and exciting series, with the most shocking turns.

Entourage! About a famous actor and his entourage of best friends. Hilarious. Ari Gold is one of the funniest and best played characters there are.

The Office US, NOT UK. I've seen a few episodes of the UK version and oh my god, dry. Uk version: Steve Carell plays the part as an awkward, horrible boss of a paper company so good that my heart hurts sometimes from empathy. The show drags out after a few seasons but the first 4 are amazing. 

A not so commonly known show - Parks and Recreation. One of them shows where you need to really get to know the characters before you find it absolutely hilarious. Most of the cast are stand-up comedians as well so you can imagine. Great.

The Killing US, starring Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman as one of the two main characters. Murder investigations spread out over 4 seasons, but they are all correlated some how.. Different spin on a police show. VERY nerve wrecking.

Project Runway... Also one of my absolute favourites. I'm that much of a geek that I've seen the Swedish, US, Australian and Canadian versions.. Make it work.

America's next top model. You know what, it's a classic. 21 seasons and counting. And now that they've realised that they can combine the old reality concept with 'boys and girls' it's only gotten better. Tyra is one clever woman for coming up with this idea.

17 March 2015


Went shopping (not on the internet!!) yesterday at Brent Cross shopping center after uni with my friend Gabbi. Bought a new outfit for mine and Lloyd's 1 year anniversary tomorrow, we're going to the steak and seafood restaurant Rock & Rose in Richmond, so excited!!

I'm not really a fan of Victoria's Secret because I get quite put off by brands that get super hyped by manipulative teenage girls (like Abercrombie & Fitch), but I can't deny their underwear. Super comfy, great quality and for a good price. Bought these 5 for £20 yesterday, LOVE the black and white batik.

16 March 2015


Just clicked home two of these gorgeous candlesticks. Cheap and cheerful were they as well, a light price of  £6.99 each from H&M Home. This one is in copper but there was also a variant in silver.

If you haven't been yet, both H&M Home and Zara Home has some really nice and affordable things. Especially Zara has amazing scented candles, nice glassware and home accessories. Worth a look!


A ribbed perfect poloneck dress. SOLD OUT. Of course it is. I feel like if I get my hands on this, summer can't end up any way but great. Everyday will be a sunny day, my legs will never loose its tan, the drinks will never stop flowing and the tunes will never stop. You do understand how important it is that I find it? And how crucial it is that I need to drag myself to the gym and stop being a lazy cow if it's ever gonna suit me?

Maybe if I find the dress, I'll go to the gym..... Who hasn't had a pair of 'when I've lost a bit of weight' jeans haha! Girls just never loose hope.

12 March 2015

Céline Luggage Mini

Do you know what, I thought I'd get over this bag but I just can't. I've been looking at it for so long I'm starting to feel like it's meant to be. There's just something about light, pastel coloured designer bags, they look so luxurious and clean. Personally I think they are wearable all year round because winter clothes usually are very dark, many people seem to think a colour like this is only for spring/summer time.. They're wrong.

Saving starts now.

10 March 2015


I've forgotten to show you another bargain I made last week. I stumbled over this jacket when I was at TK Maxx looking for interior stuff. A dark navy, classic quilted Barbour jacket with a black corduroy collar. Looks really nice on and it was only £50!

For those of you who don't live in the UK, TK Maxx is a massive retail chain that you can find all over London (and the rest of England..?). They sell designer clothes, shoes, bags and accessories super cheap, kind of like an outlet, but for this store you don't have to drive for hours to no-man's-land to get to. They stock previous years' collections for up to 70% off the original price and if you've got the energy to look through it there are definitely some bargains to find. It's kind of like in the middle of the Christmas sale, there's one item of everything and you need to elbow your way through a whole lot of women to find something.

They stock brands like Hunter, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Balmain, Miu Miu, Versace, Isaak Mizrahi, Vivienne Westwood, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Birkenstock etc etc. Might be worth a visit if you're on a budget but still have a sweet tooth for designer clothes!

7 March 2015

TK Maxx bargain

Look at this bargain I found when I went home shopping the other day, £10 at TK Maxx.

It's obviously a jug but I'm gonna use it as a vas for my £2.50 flowers from Sainsbury's ;)

White ceramic is the way to go. White on white on white. 

5 March 2015

Swedish vs. Scottish

Aaaaah the whole day off. The sun is shining, I'm up early and it's pay day.

I've got 3 things on my to-do list; lots of studying (exams are coming up), going to the gym and taking the bus to hammersmith to buy some stuff for the house. Lloyd is working tonight which means I can eat whatever heathy, weird food I want for dinner! For those of you who doesn't know, he's Scottish which means he likes his food fried. Preferably deep fried. A breakfast is basically NOT a breakfast without bacon, eggs and sausage. And he thinks a pizza is healthy if it has a tomato on it.....

Did you know that they deep fry Mars bars and pizza slices in Scotland?! As in coat them in batter and throw them in the fryer along with the fries? I love you Lloyd but if you ever expect me to eat this, we're done.

This is my breakfast right now, it's not a Swedish thing and I know it's weird but it's my absolute favourite. Open sandwiches on brown bread with honey roasted gruyere ham, cheddar cheese, avocado, pepper, raw broccoli and wholegrain mustard. I got the inspiration from Le Pain where they do a gruyere and cheese tartine with 3 types of mustard. Try it!