21 May 2015

Black Canvas

It's that time of year! New Converses - how you know summer is close. This time; my first ever black pair. Cleeean.

From Office on Carnaby Street, only £40 with student discount.

18 May 2015

Nike Pro Training Tights

Thought I'd be nice and recommend these workout tights from Nike, they are the most comfortable tights I've ever worn. No annoying zippers down by the leg (what's even the point of having them there, in case you get extremely sweaty around your ankles and need some ventilation?!), no need to tie a waistband to make them stay up, the material is not see-through what so ever and there's definitely no see-through net fabric in the crotch.

I bought mine at JD Sports for a smashing price of £28. Tip of the day! And we all know that nice gym-clothes is the best strategy to actually go there...

16 May 2015

Here we fucking go again

Right, this is probably about the 100th time in my life that I've said this so I understand if most of you  are very critical and think this will last a week. Which it might. But I'm gonna try to get fit this time. The slimmest I've ever been in my life. Tight thighs, flat belly, lean arms and a firm ass. This is happening.

I was thinking of establishing some kind of monetary punishment together with Lloyd, for example that I have to give him an amount of money every time I eat something unhealthy or if I don't go to the gym often enough in a week. Money has always been one of my biggest motivators so I'm gonna think about that one. Wish me luck.

Me and my red, flustered face hidden behind my Quay's

After gym reward: a massive salmon/seeds/feta/mange tout salad.

15 May 2015

Double Layer Crop Shirt

Man I love ASOS. What do people in Sweden do? Nelly.com? Fuck that!

ASOS has everything. Do you want a jumper with a hole where your bellybutton is? They've got it. Do you want neon yellow scuba trousers? They've got it. Do you want Will Smith's face printed on a pair of knickers? They've fucking got it.

My style is far from that crazy (kind of the opposite) but you know what I mean. You can search for whatever detail you want on a garment and all the options pop up. With a price-range from basically the same amount as a Starbucks coffee up to what I get paid a month. And if you pay £9.95 like I've done, you get next day delivery for a whole year. And always free returns. Do you get it now? I can order five outfits on Thursday morning and receive them on Friday, pick the one I like to wear for the evening and then just stroll down to the post office on Saturday on my way to work and throw my return package in, no queuing.

Anyhow, I just ordered another batch that I can't wait to try on.
This is what I'm most excited about:

How gorgeous? I could live in shirts like these and a pair of black, skinny jeans.
£28 here!

You could think I'm sponsored, I wish. Also, I'm thinking of going back to brown hair. Just because it would look amazing with this shirt haha..

14 May 2015


So much has happened the past week, I'll keep it short cause you're not gonna be interested in the deets anyways.

Deadlines for uni have been fucked up terribly, job interviews have been done, waiting for a reply about the job have been endured, not getting the job have been informed, exam have been aced, flats have been viewed and drinks have been drunk.

And smoothies! Lots of smoothies! Lloyd got me this blender the other week and it's just like that magic bullet that constantly ran on TV-shop back in the day? Do you remember? This one is from Russell Hobbs and this tube is attached straight to the blender, which you can put a lid on after you're done to drink on the go... I put banana, fat free yoghurt, pineapple, frozen berries and skimmed milk in this one. I feel very old writing this. Excited about a mixer. Hm.

5 May 2015

Black Nails

Went to JK nails on the high road today for a manicure, all black and shiny baby!

I read some reviews of the salon online before I went there the first time and there were many comments about the staff not being very friendly and not service minded. After having read those reviews I think it's hilarious to sit there and look at how they work. There is no hello, smile or even a sign of welcoming when someone walks through the door, no unnecessary chit-chat and nothing stopping them sitting on their phones or speaking their language when dealing with a customer - they can wait. There is a take-it-or-leave-it attitude about the staff and I love it haha!

I'm always fantasising about what they're actually saying to each other, like "this woman's toes are fucking disgusting", "why the hell is she choosing this ugly colour" or "I reeeeeally need to poo I need to finish this up damn quick.." hahaha!

No matter what they're saying, the end result is always of good quality and the prices are good! So, well recommended.

Oh and I did actually manage to make one of them smile today, when I left a tip. Money talks! 

4 May 2015

Maison Kitsuné

I just found this yellow top on theoutnet.com from French brand Maison Kitsuné... I really like it. I would wear it with a voluminous skirt like the girl in the picture but preferably a black one. Hair tied up, red lipstick and white sneakers.

Is it worth £100?

Best roof terrace in London

Every summer I google:

"best roof terrace in London"
"best rooftop bar London"
"top 10 rooftop bars London"

...and every summer I end up at the same one - Aqua. The bar is located just off Oxford Street, with its entrance close to the Liberty shopping mall. It's a hybrid between a Japanese restaurant and a high-end bar with quality cocktails and ice-cold wine.

There is no sign outside the entrance but once you step in, you can tell you're at a no-sneakers-aloud venue. An elevator takes you straight up to the circular bar and right in the far back is the terrace.

It's not massive but the view is absolutely gorgeous since it's right in the centre of London. This is where you want to spend a sunny day. However make sure you've got a loaded Visa, they service charge everything and the prices are juicy..