6 June 2016

Luxe vs. budget x Stella McCartney

NET-A-PORTER - £3195

This striking sunset-orange maxi dress is from the Stella McCartney Resort-2016 collection. I've had my eye on it for a while now but the fact that it costs THREE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND NINETYFIVE POUNDS is just ridiculous. I could spend that kind of money on a bag with only a tad of bad conscience, but a dress? Not a chance. No matter how much or how little a dress costs, it will still end up with a red wine stain within 2 months anyway. See, I'm a restrained shopping realist.

SO - to the good news. I stumbled over this dress from Gina Tricot (Swedish retailer) on a blog somewhere and ordered it straight away. It's just as voluminous and fabulous as the original, at only a drop of the above price - £37! Also I'm sorry, I've started to use the word Fabulous as I'm re-watching the whole of Sex & The City.

Back to the FABULOUS dress. Looks familiar?

Unfortunately it seems like this dress is sold out, which kind of made this post irrelevant... Sorry!