31 July 2015

Thumbs down

I didn't get the job :( Aaaah I've been so excited for days checking my email every five minutes. The first 2 phone interviews went great. The first face-to-face interview went great. And the final face-to-face with the main boss went GREAT.

I know it's all good experience and it's their loss and I do have a few other things going on but I really wanted this one. Well well. Better cancel that order from ASOS with new stylish office clothes :'( Get back on the horse etc......

28 July 2015

Final Interview

Job interview nr 3 for the same position is now done and dusted. We had quite a few laughs and I ensured him there are no lies on my CV. I also assured him I am not crazy. And he asked me what 17*6 is to see if I'd start to cry under pressure (I didn't). Apparently someone had before me. It took me two tries to give him the right answer though. All in all a pretty good interview I'd say. Thank god I've got a great sense of humour. 

Tomorrow morning I'll get the verdict. Wish me luck!! Now - wining and dining with Lloyd at Scandi restaurant Linnea in Kew :)

27 July 2015

Monki sweat

Went for lunch and catch up with Louise the other day looking like this 😊 I know it's weird but this sweatshirt is one of my absolute favourite pieces of clothing. It's oversized, super light pink and has two silver zips on the sides. I bought it for £15 on sale from Monki and Im so gutted I didn't buy the grey melange one as well.. I've even emailed Monki to ask them if there's a chance I can find it ANYWHERE at ANY PRICE. No reply. Gutted.

24 July 2015

The Job Hunt

Woho! The recruitment websites actually work!

I have two job interviews lined up for me already and it's only been a few days. One of the jobs I've already had a phone interview for and they want to meet me on Monday morning. The position is Sales Support Executive and I'd basically be the middle-man for the entire Swedish market for the company which sounds perfect. She said the office is very relaxed and friendly which is exactly what I want, and the money seems good for a first job. There will be an hours travel though but I guess I shouldn't let that stop me?

The other position is as a PR Assistant for a boutique in South West London and I'm expecting a call from them any minute to discuss it further. So excited that things are finally starting to happen, I'll be doing a 9-5 with weekends off in no time!!!!!

The recruitment agency Reed is the one that seems to be working the best in my opinion, so that's a tip for all you job hunters :) Talk later!

Speaking of making cash, I need this tank!

22 July 2015


...WAS NOT THIS CAR!! Haha gonna get loads of clicks on this post ;) My mum is nice but not THAT nice, this is her new lush car that I got to drove when I was in Sweden. I haven't driven since I passed my test in February.. Last year. So this was literally the premiere of me driving legally AND since I took my license in the UK - driving on the right side of the road. It was terrifying but such good fun.

Here are some of the amazing presents I got from my beautiful friends and family. Wasn't expecting anything at all since they were all making such efforts either travelling to London or surprising me with a party once I got to Stockholm :') The Love Knot bracelet was a gift from my best friends and is from Swedish designer Efva Attling. The golden studs were from my dad+girlfriend and are from Swarovski. The champagne as well as the silver studs from Danish designer Dyrberg/Kern were a gift from my uncle+cousin+bfriend :) Other than this I got money from my amazing grandma+grandpa, flowers from my cousin+bfriend as well as a lovely bikini from Lloyd's parents.


Oh and my mum and stepdad told me and Lloyd to pack our bags in 3 weeks time for a surprise holiday at a luxury, all-inclusive hotel somewhere warm. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!! :'D

20 July 2015

Nude Claws

So I've had a very productive morning. A few loads of washing but most importantly - I've applied for a few jobs! With graduation still fresh in memory and the past week consisting of family and friends asking me what my next step is, I feel the pressure. I'm gonna try to apply for at least 5 jobs a day, hopefully someone somewhere can realise what an asset I am!!!

It's hard to convince people isn't it? All CV's and applications look the same and everyone is bragging about the same skills and experiences. Only in my case they're actually true, I'M GREAT. HIRE ME.

I'm gonna prepare a nice breakfast now and then go buy some paint and brushes before work, I'm gonna re-paint the walls in my old house before the lease runs out. We'll just have to see how well that goes with my new claws.

19 July 2015

Whistles Sale


I'm currently on a plain on my way back to London, wifi on an airplane is just genius. Go Norwegian. 

I've been in Stockholm over the weekend and before that I graduated! Have loads of pictures to show you, I've literally had the best time.

BUT for now I'd like to honour my new shoes by devoting this post to them, I spent my last pennies on them just over a week ago. I've been staring into the window of Whistles for a good couple of months now, admiring these shoes. I now found them on sale and they were only 50-odd quid! It was meant to be.

I know :) Talk soon!

8 July 2015

Life as a waitress

Morning! These are my nails at the moment. I painted them less than 24 hours ago. 24 hours! And for your information it wasn't cheap Barry M for once, it was Max Factor. This is my life though, one shift at work and my nails are fucked. Since I've been incredibly broke lately (forgot how expensive it is to move), I've been painting my nails old school instead of going to the salon.

My graduation is in a week though so I'm obviously going to get dolled up before then. The pictures from that day will haunt me for life!!!! Those are the pictures I'll be showing my kids and say: look at mummy she wasn't always old and saggy.

I don't have anything to wear yet but I'm going to get my nails done on Monday, going for something like this: