2 March 2015


Carin Wester
Spring is here! In London anyways. And I want a new jacket. 

I think I want a silky or oversized bomber... Not the classic style but something a little bit more exciting. I loooove the two from Filippa K and Carin Wester (both Swedish brands) but the first one is sold out everywhere since it's last season, and the other one I'm not sure will suit me. I think it only looks that long and loose because the girl wearing it is so skinny.

The beige one I found on ASOS and I really do like it. I'm scared it will look more beige in real life though, I want it to be a pale colour like in the picture. And out of personal experience, the pictures on ASOS website seldom reflects how the clothes look in real life.....


Filippa K

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