31 December 2015

Supper at Supper

Helloo! It's me! After having this place recommended to me by several I finally had supper at Supper last night. The food was absolutely amazing but I'm so so disappointed of the service which is equally important (I should know!).

We arrived and was told that we could have a table in about half an hour. No problem, we'll just have a drink at the bar! With only one bartender it took us 20 minutes just to order our drinks. This is obviously not his fault (again - I would know). As I was having dinner with one of my best friends Lina we were just chatting away, catching up. But after 1,5 hours I went up to ask if it would be much longer? I got an assuring back stroke and an "I'll sort a table out for you!". No words and no attention - 15 minutes later I ask another waitress if she knew what was going on? A few minutes later we get a "your table is ready girls!!" with a big smile. Thanks. Right by the door - literally the worst table in the whole restaurant. I said "I'm sorry for being that person BUT I'M GONNA BE THAT PERSON, do you not have another table for us as we've been waiting 2 hours?" 5 minutes later;

"Ehrmagerd you're SO lucky another table just opened up!"
"Thank you sooooo much" *fakesmiling back at fakesmiling waitress*...

Luckily for them I was in superb company and the food was fucking delicious so this didn't have the slightest impact on our night. We just laughed at our boozy jokes about our lovely table with a chilly draft and the waiter that had a face of a slapped arse. As one do. But it was still disappointing as my best friend previously worked in the same restaurant as well as other people I know. And I've only heard great things about the place. I guess we caught them on a bad night. Or we had a funny smell...

I bet you're a Cosmo-girl... "One Cosmo pliis"


With out cheeks blushing from all the wine we decided to have one last drink at Sturehof. The COOLEST and POSHEST place around. Only the cool kids go. You see - in Stockholm the only rule you need to remember is "the more money the better". And if you have an empty bank account; fake it til' you make it. Buy that fake burberry scarf and claim it's real. Throw half a jar of wax on your hair (backwards but slightly to the right) and go to the fanciest bars just to order a bottle of beer.

We sat their reminiscing about back in the day where we lived together in Hökarägen (bästa svängen). We used to go out Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Mondays and Tuesdays were there for recovery. Now we sat there, in the same bar as we used to go to, looking at 18-year olds strutting around and we came to a realisation. We're old.

27 December 2015

Christmas shenanigans

Oh man. So. Much. Food.

Me and Lloyd flew to Stockholm the 22nd and have since then eaten every 2 hours. And we're not talking snacks or "fika" here - we're talking Christmas smorgasbord and kebab pizza. My dad even fired up the barbecue last night! Yes outside haha! Don't get me wrong - that's what Christmas is about and food is mine and Lloyds biggest hobby anyways hehe. 

Christmas Eve was celebrated at my mums house with my lovely little nieces and the rest of the family. It's so cosy having kids around on Christmas again! I was Santa and Lloyd couldn't stop laughing. I know red isn't my colour but I didn't think I looked that bad.

The 26th it was time to go see my dad (hello 'divorce'-child!) so me and Lloyd took the train to Vingåker where my dad's+finance's lovely country house is. Soo cosy to be out here for a few days in the middle of nowhere. We've played card games and Lloyd was introduced to Yatzy. The game I was brought up playing throughout our super Swedish caravan holidays. Sentimental.

When in Vingåker, do as Vingåkerians do; Vingåker Factory Outlet! Today we went to this outlet which has loads of big brands at madly discounted prices. I found a gorgeous black long sleeve maxi dress from Tiger of Sweden and a nude coloured dress from Whyred. Will show you later!

Today we finally got some snow as well. It makes you wanna lie inside and eat even more haha, so that's the plan for the next few hours... Speak soon and here are a few snapshots from the weekend:

Lloyd looking merry ❤️
Christmas ham.. You legend.
Coffee stop before our train.
Christmas jumpers on!
Right now; me chillaxing in front of the fireplace and Lloyd passed out in the sofa. God jul ❤️

19 December 2015

Two wardrobes become one

With a new job comes an updated wardrobe. With two days left in hospitality (HOPEFULLY FOR ALL ETERNITY!!) I can't help but walk around thinking that I no longer have to wear shoes that can get me through a 16-hour shift running around on my feet.

I can wear big obnoxious branded jumpers (probably won't - but I COULD if I wanted to). I can wear sandals that aren't completely covering my feet in the summer. I can have my hair down.

Most importantly - I no longer have to divide my wardrobe in two - work vs. not work. Can you imagine?! I don't have to buy mediocre-looking shirts on sale because "I can wear them to work". From now on I'm gonna build up ONE wardrobe where every piece is a qualifier. The small things in life.

LOVE a nude shoe. New flats for work - Primark £12

9 December 2015


Yesterday was a beauuuuuuuutiful day my friends. I was invited back to a final interview for a job I've applied for. I was asked questions like;

- What's the biggest project you've ever planned?
- How would you plan your wedding?
- Tell me 3 bad things about yourself?

Haha.. To question no 2 I said that 'the top three priorities would be the venue, the food and my jaw-dropping dress. Later down the line I would worry about trivial things like the colours of the flowers, invitation cards and finding some average looking, ill-fitting bridesmaids dresses' (giggles).

To question no 3 I was just completely honest and said 'I work too hard, I take too much on, I live and breathe my job, I don't do anything else than working, I am too ambitious, too much of a team-player...' :) I couldn't think of anything to say (I know I should have as it's the most common interview question ever!) so I just said a few of these pretentious clichés  with a smile (giggles again).

It went really well and the two directors just seem like the nicest, most genuine people. It was one of those interviews where you just sit and have a casual chat for 40 minutes and then you leave thinking 'Hold on did I really sell myself there?'. But in the end (Nacho quote LOL) I think that the ultimate purpose of an interview is to determine whether a person would fit in with the team or not.

I've been crossing my fingers for this job since I first got in the loop and I was just over the moon when the woman said "you're hired!" when I asked if it's possible they let me know before Christmas. I mean how perfect is it: I leave The Roebuck the 20th, go home to Sweden with Lloyd over Christmas and New Years and then come back January 5th to start my new job. The timing couldn't be better!

So to the role before you ask - I'll be the PA to the Director of a wed design and development agency. They build and design e-commerce websites for all types of companies in all types of industries but mostly in - hold on to your chair - fashion. How good!! And there are great possibilities to grow within the company, something they also encourage. I honestly could not be happier. If I put in as much effort into this as I do in serving drunk people food and drinks - then the sky is the limit.

Can I also say that the office is in the middle of Richmond which is my favourite part of London and also a 15-minute bus-ride from where I live. There's also a sushi place in the same building. I mean COME ON...

5 December 2015

High views & high boots

This might be a shit picture both in terms of quality and especially as my brilliant outfit is not made justice, but it's the only decent picture I have from the other night when we went to Galvin at Windows on the 28th floor.

When I took my coat off Lloyd burst out "BABE half your shirt is hanging out". I replied thanks BABE I'll let you know when I want your fashion advice. If you saw me from the front you would have thought it made sense.

It's bloody hard to pull off the thigh high boots with bare legs in December. To be fair it was 15 degrees warm last week so you can't really call it winter can you. Back to the boots - you just have to go by the good old rule: legs or boobs. If you're wearing a mini skirt make sure you're covering your boobs with a long sleeve top. If you're wearing a buttoned up shirt make sure to show some leg. If you're wearing a loose high waisted pant it's allowed to show some cleavage. You get it.

These are the thigh-highs I ended up with in the end; from Daisy Street. Unfortunately they're all textile and not leather so I assume they will only last for one season. But the only other ones I liked and that didn't leave a massive gap between leg and boot were from Kurt Geiger or Russell & Bromley and they were all way to expensive for my current account. These are a winner though, so comfortable!

ASOS - £45

Also available in beige.

2 December 2015

The pineapple has arrived!

Here she is! You guys have no idea how heavy this thing is haha.. I haven't even put it up on the wall yet as I'm scared the walls won't handle the pressure.

All the leaves both above and below the fruit are super adjustable and the guy at the store told me to bend them myself once it is up on the wall to make it look a bit messy. I'm gonna put it up in our bedroom straight opposite the bed so that I can see it when I wake up, or light the candles when I'm reading in bed. Can't wait until it's up and running!

From Abigail Ahern for you who missed that. xx

19 November 2015


So the Balmain x HM bag has arrived and I don't like it at all. Blah. It's waaay bigger than I imagined and the gold details just look as of any crap-quality H&M bag that costs £15. Disappointment. Well well, it's just to send it back. Or actually I'm going to go to H&M in Hammersmith and return it, quicker that way. So if you want to buy it - you know where there's a spare one!

BTW in my next post I'll show you my pineapple that has finally arrived... I's soooo goldenly, fabulously, stylishly amazing :)

9 November 2015

Back to Basics

"A girl should have 80% basics and 20% fluff in her closet."

How often do you go out clubbing? And how often do you want to leave the house looking sharp i.e. not wearing a super short mini dress in sparkly sequin? I KNOW it's a lot more fun to buy a party dress but let's get real, it's the item in your wardrobe you probably use the least.

To have good basics mean that they are also interchangeable - you can mix and match and wear them all together some way or another. To me that means black, black, black, white. Maybe a splash of colour somewhere but it would have to be in a really good material. Coloured clothes to me often look very cheap and the same goes with print. I think it takes a trained eye to spot what could be a good print and I have to admit I'm not quite there yet. I love it when girls mix print with print but I just tend to look like a clown when I make an attempt. Which brings me to another point; all clothes and trends are not for everyone and if you don't know how to pull it off - just don't.

Here is my complete list of basic wardrobe essentials that I feel lost without:

Crisp white tee
Loose black suit trousers
White loose-fit shirt
Black pencil skirt (preferably ribbed to get those nice cuuuurves)
Black leather biker
Super skinny, high waisted black jeans
Black or nude pointy heels
Clutch suitable for AM & PM
The perfect black blazer (still on the hunt for this myself)

Other than these wardrobe essentials, all you need is a red lipstick, red nails and silver stud earrings.
You are good to go my friend.

6 November 2015

Balmain x H&M Suede Tote

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it but I set my alarm on 8.50 yesterday morning to not miss the Launch with a capital L. The Balmain x H&M collab obviously.

I was met by this default message on the screen and it stayed like that. I applied for some jobs, watched a few episodes of Masterchef US, had a couple of boiled eggs. Around 2 pm (!) I finally got on the website just to realise that everything was sold out (not a big surprise). Except for this lovely dark green suede bag which has the old-granny-vibe which I actually like! And I managed to get it! Was it worth 5 hours of persistently refreshing the page? Probably not. Will I do the same thing for their next collab? Hell yeah.

Now I just have to wait and see how it looks in real life. Delivery date 10th November. I'm a little concerned about the gold details, if it's made out of the same crap material as H&M's other bags it's a no go. Worse comes to worse I'll sell it for double the price on eBay ;) Woop!

Balmain x H&M - £149

5 November 2015

Pineapple Wall Sconce

I had dinner at the lovely restaurant Rock & Rose last week to celebrate my boyfriend's sister's 18th birthday. The food was amazing as always - if you haven't tried their glazed ribs yet you know what to do. For those of you who have been there you know the decor is incredibly over the top and oozing rock glamour in a tacky way that actually works and it feels expensive. Imagine how a cheesy rock legend would decorate their bedroom with skulls, roses and candleholders everywhere. More is more basically.

Those of you who know me probably have no idea that I'm very interested in interior design and antiques (on a very amateurish level). As I've never owned my own flat and moved between different countries quite a lot, I've never wanted to invest in furniture as I didn't really see the point. Once I do however, I'm going to carefully select things that can stick around for a while and have personality, rather than going to IKEA to buy everything in the same make (I'll still go to IKEA though, for the meatballs). I feel like I'm going off topic here; I'll write more about all that some other time.

What I'm trying to say is:

THIS!!!! This amazingly golden, matte, sharp, handmade candleholder was hanging on the wall next to our table. I'm obsessed. After 3 glasses of wine I even waved the waitress over to ask her if there is anyone who knows where it is from or who's made it. She did not. No one did. I left the restaurant happy as it was a great night, but the pineapple was stuck in my head. And today I found it. 

This baby is made by interior designer Abigail Ahern. Turns out she's an internationally known designer who's been mentioned in both ELLE and The Guardian for her creations. She runs two London boutiques as well as a well-known interior blog. Who would have known. A wall sconce like this costs £100 - find it here.

My pineapple is now on it's way home to me.

4 November 2015

Illness & current cravings

So my Halloween weekend consisted of me being ill and lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. I literally didn't move Saturday except for when I dragged myself to the kitchen to eat some bacon. I was meant to work but had to call in sick which is such a dick move, especially on a Saturday, ESPECIALLY on Halloween. I wouldn't have had to dress up if I went, I already looked like a zombie :)

So what do you do when ill? Internet shopping! In this case it was only internet browsing as I'm currently craving such expensive pieces. Nothing I would buy on impulse.

Some girl wants to buy my Prada bag on Depop (will come back to this amazing app at another time) and I instantly started looking around to see what my next designer bag upgrade could be with that money. It needs to be in a timeless design and a settle colour that you won't get tired of and that can be used all year round. At the moment I'm snowed in on these two Chloé Faye models in black or nude. On the other hand I would like a standing up tote, On the third hand I still love my Prada Saffiano in Cameo/antique rose... We'll see what happens. Anyhow - these are my absolute top cravings at the moment.

Chloé Faye Small £790 - Mytheresa

Chloé Faye Medium £1100 - Net-A-Porter
Little Mistress tulle skirt - ASOS £50

Larsson & Jennings CM Silver £225 - Larsson & Jennings

Tory Burch Logo Stud Earring £47 - Nordstrom

26 October 2015

Paris Photobomb


Two weeks ago-ish me and Lloyd went to Paris to work at a massive Canon exhibition - Canon EXPO 2015. Our friend and my fellow Swede Linda is the Events Manager so she took us on board and oh my god, what a week. It was hard work and long days but just as much fun. I had never been to Paris before and considering red wine and cheese are my two favourite things in the whole world, it's safe to say I enjoyed myself.

The food, the atmosphere, the buildings; everything was beautiful. And this is gonna sound very lame but to walk around in the dark to then look up and all of a sudden see the Eiffel tour blew my mind. It really is huge and a majestic building. Linda got us VIP tickets so we got to skip the whole queue and take the lift all the way up. I'll say this though; it was incredible up there but I am never doing that again. I didn't know I was scared of heights - I know know (the video on Lloyd's phone is good proof of that). Shat my pants. It's just not natural to be that high up and a building that old, you know what I mean?

We also worked at a private gala dinner for Canon VIPs in Le Louvre, how cool?? The whole museum was closed for everyone else and it was a truly impressive night. The actual cast from Les Miserables, Beauty & the Beast and Phantom of the Opera performed during the night as well.

I can't wait to go back to Paris and I recommend anyone to go if you haven't been already! The visit made me understand the French people a little bit better. Them acting superior to others made a little bit more sense, however they are still pretty annoying ;)
Inside Le Louvre.

After work drinks.
Amazing steak restaurant where I had my first ever chateaubriand. So. Damn. Good.
The main entry to the massive exhibition at La Villette.
Looking up at the Eiffel tour from inside the lift.
Tourist alert! 
We tried snails - don't believe what people say it was HORRIBLE.
Fois gras & a charcuterie board on Champs-Elysees.
Gorgeous Paris.

At the top.......

Linda & Richard smooching!

French balconies.
A hidden gem! Amazing food & atmosphere.

Anyhow, to get the chance to be a part of and work for such an incredibly successful company as Canon was a great experience and I think it inspired both me and Lloyd. I've never been as determined to get a new job as I am now and I think he is too. I've fallen out of love with hospitality and I handed in my resignation yesterday!!!! The pressure is on.