22 September 2015


Me in Camden last week.
Blazer Topshop - Jeans & top Zara - Boots New Look

All of a sudden all I want to wear is black. I might be subconsciously influenced by Kelly Cutrone as I'm watching the new season of Americas Next Top Model at the moment, or it might just be the climate change from summer to autumn. Not sure.

A year ago I was dead sick of the colour black as I had to wear all black clothes for work. As that rule changed, I was probably wearing more colourful stuff than I'd ever done. Just because I could! Well those news are old now and I've gradually made my way back to the dark side.

My opinion when wearing black on black on black is at least one loose item. To wear all slim jeans, top and cardigan is just not a wise decision. Also be careful with the leather/pleather PLEASE. Plastic patches by your elbows on your blazer is NOT acceptable. I wouldn't go any further than a leather skirt or a leather jacket personally, like in picture no 3. Leather trousers look great! On models. Size -0. Skin and bones. And 'leather' leggings without back pockets, with a short top to go with. NO!!! All in all, it's very easy to do it right, but also quite easy to do it wrong. And red nails and lips are always a safe bet. Do your homework:

16 September 2015

MAC Concealer

MAC Studio Finish Concealer - £13
My shade: NC30

So here comes a little tip make-up wise. I've never been a fan of concealers as all the previous ones I've tried have been quite water-based and had a liquidy texture. What's the point in putting one foundation-like cream under your eyes before using another foundation for your face? If it's than thin it ain't gonna stay.

Anyhow, when I had a few hours to spare at Heathrow I decided to play the field in the world of concealers and I found this one. Thought I'd give it a go and now I can honestly say it's one of my absolute necessities in my make up bag. You look so much more awake, fresh and BETTER when using this (let's be honest, make-up is there to improve where lacking; i.e. too little sleep/too much wine on a Tuesday evening). The consistency is creamy without having the cake effect so it stays on all day.

Now - you can't just smear this stuff around your eye and that's that. Light dabbing in the shape of a half moon below your eye is the way to go. Never smear.

You're welcome!

15 September 2015

Louise's Bday

Celebrated one of my closest friends Louise's birthday the other week, she doesn't look a day over 32 does she?!? Haha joking babe :*

She reserved a table for me, her and the lovely Josefine at Japanese restaurant Maki in Richmond (looks more expensive than it is btw, give it a go). It was basically a Swedish trio of laughing, wining and gossiping girls all evening, a lush night. We all also had work super early in the morning and there were some horrific snapchats circulating the day after.

Gave Louise new coffee cups and stem-less wineglasses from Zara Home and guys I cannot talk good enough about that store, check it out!

Shoes New Look - Bomber Topshop - rest Zara

Super embarrassing toilet zelfies that I always take when drunk and that my boyfriend
awkwardly later on finds in my phone.... I can't help it, I'm only photogenic when I'm smashed!!!

10 September 2015


These babies have just been ordered and will be delivered for me tomorrow!! *heart eyes emoji* 

You already know it's Over The Knee season but you also know how hard it is to find the perfect pair. Not too slutty, not too wide leg,  not thigh-crushing Micheline tight, not too high heel, not too short.. Also you want to go for a pair in real leather or suede as they probably will start to smell after a few days of usage in the rainy London weather. So I'm crossing my fingers and toes that these will fit me, I found them on Asos (shock) for £80, down from £115.

Here comes my favourite OTK looks from my pal google;

Dark layers & printed skirts.
Coat on shoulders.
Massive knits.
Clean cut.

4 September 2015

Eggs benny

So last night was my main bitch Louise's bday (happy birthday again!), but more about that later. This post is dedicated to my hangover breakfast at work this morning. I felt fragile after last night and needed a fix. 

The little hole in the wall Crepe Parisienne  on Chiswick High Road does a mean Eggs Benedict and Royal, for an alright price of £7.50. HOWEVER the Benedict was supposed to be made with bacon. What do I get? Turkey bacon! Are you fucking kidding me?!! It's either bacon or its NOT bacon. And you should inform me if I'm getting FAKE BACON! Very upsetting. I ate it but I wasn't happy about it.

What I would highly recommend is the Royal though (muffin, smoked salmon, poached egg & hollandaise) and it goes a little som' like this:

2 September 2015

Post-summer wardrobe updates

I found these two babies when shopping yesterday, both from Topshop. I usually don't get too excited at Topshop but sometimes it's a positive surprise stepping into their stores.

As you know I've been looking for a clean bomber for a while and this is IT. Simple, black and puffy. I'm gonna match this jacket with a second-skin-tight midi skirt and a crop top, sexy but with an edge. And let's be honest, £55 is a frikkin' bargain.

All black, classic, slightly thicker bomber, £55.
Puffy back & sleeves for a tougher look.

This blazer I absolutely LOVE. Classy, sophisticated, sexy and intimidating, ha! For my non-existing office job (you heard it, still no luck) where I'm planning on scaring the shit out of people showing who's baws. My confidence is definitely deriving from what I wear so to buy some nice cigarette trousers, blazers and shirts in the future is obviously part of the plan.

Slightly longer, double-buttoned blazer with large side pockets, £65.

All set for a not-so cold London autumn. Just add an umbrella.

1 September 2015


...and the surprise holiday was to - dum dum dum - Turkey!

Not until me and Lloyd had reached the airport in Stockholm and met up with my mum and stepdad we found out where this mysterious holiday was located. Neither me or Lloyd had been before so it was a great surprise.

What surprised all of us was that Turkey is partially in Europe, partially in Asia (what the fuck?) which meant that my Scotsman needed a visa. What that meant was that he had to pay a fee of £25 at the airport...

Here is our week in pictures:

Poolside beers!
Bringing fashion to the poolside.
One of my favourite pics! Happiness!
My beautiful mami <3

Me & Lloyd were the kids at the pool, standard procedure.
The thermostat showed 40 degrees daily. And my nails were dark navy!
Strawberry Daiquiri's aren't only for girls, don't be sexist. Kinda gay though..
Lloyd didn't have chest hair when we met, my favourite anecdote from our history together :') #cradlesnatcher
Pittoresque view of the ocean next door.
My Primark sandals lasted all week and still haven't fallen apart, I'm amazed.
... COME ON MAN!!! Just google the words before ordering your sign, it takes 5 seconds.
Summan av kardemumman, a wonderful holiday with my loved ones. The weather was great, the all inclusive at our hotel was of great standard and for once a week didn't feel like it was over in two days. The only big decisions we had and asked each other about was;

- Pool or beach?
- Should we go eat something... again?
- Too early for a beer?

Big decisions as you can see :) THANKS again mum & Johannes for treating us to this lovely holiday, when I become rich I'll take you to the Bahamas and that's a promise.