28 April 2015

Black Biker

The Biker has been around for a few years now, it may have changed shape, material and colour a little bit but hey. It's a classic and everyone should own one. Real leather or fake it doesn't matter!

My favourites are nr 1 and 3 - payday (and first exam in the morning) tomorrow woop woop!

ASOS - £65

ASOS - £55

Mango - £105

French Connection - £62

UPDATE - I ordered the first one :)

27 April 2015

Designer crossbody - Top 3

These are my top 3 picks of crossbody bags! If you're gonna invest in one it should definitely be one of the below.

The Prada Saffiano Mini as well as the Celine Nano comes in many different colour variations. My personal choice would be a nude or pastel colour like pink, grey or beige. But of course a black one never goes out of style and let's be honest, you're least likely to get sick of the colour.

These prices differ from country to country and currency to currency, but here are the ish-prices of the bags.

Prada Saffiano leather mini-bag - £670

Celine Nano Luggage - £1550

Small Boy Chanel Flap Bag - £3,270

26 April 2015

Study prep

So this is me getting ready to not leave my mac for two days.. I'm sure this inventory won't last me that long but at least now I don't have to leave the house until tomorrow eve (I do have some breakfast in the fridge and a big jar of coffee+milk).

My first exam is on Wednesday morning and it's in a very right/wrong-answer module. I can't get away with coming up with some bullshit story basically, or hide behind fancy words.

I'm sure I'll be fine but it would feel soo good to graduate with a top mark. There is the tiniest chance that I can (being optimistic here) so I'm really gonna put my mind into it and be prepared. In other words, stop blogging and dive back into decentralisation, cooperative strategies, differentiation, value chain, CSR, promotional strategies and competitive rivalry. Yey.

Btw the Nutella is for my break when I get to watch ONE episode of Svenska Hollywoodfruar haha.. Wish me luck.

22 April 2015

Pom pom

Haha I don't know if I love these shoes because they're freakin' fab or fugly.. But I think I could rock these with a pair of black, high waisted skinny jeans and a white tshirt on a cloudy day. What do you think?

Available at ASOS for £22, click here!

21 April 2015

Revision break

THIS is where I'll be spending my day today. Richmond riverside. I need a break from revising and I see this day as my last day of fun until the 14th of May, which is the day of my last exam EVEEEEER!

Can't believe I'm so close to graduating, I'm so proud of myself and excited but also terrified of what's next. Hopefully I'll manage to get a great job doing what I'm good at and making shitloads of money.

Not too much to ask for right?

20 April 2015

Light grey

Wore my gladiator sandals from Zara for the first time today, love them!

After chilling in the park and sipping on a frappuccino with my man, I went to South Beach to get a shellack update. I tried this light grey/beige colour which is very similar to the Chanel Frenzy colour.

I was gonna buy it but I'm just so sick of regular nail polish at the moment. It lasts for a about day and then it just looks chipped and tacky, I just can't be arsed. Especially since I'm working in a pub, my nails get ruined so quickly.. So I think I'm sticking to shellack for a while now, so worth it.

17 April 2015

Chanel baby

I'm happy to announce that I've bought my first ever Chanel item people. Except for nail polish haha! #looser

I was on my way to work today when I spotted the new eyewear shop Maverick & Wolf across the street on Chiswick High Road. On display in their window was a huge ad for the chunky, well-known Céline sunglasses. Obviously I crossed the road without even looking out for passing cars and went straight in.

I've never tried the Celines on but yeah, they are just as sexy as in the pictures. Glamorous and very feminine. I tried on the ones with the largest lenses and chunky frames.

I went back to work and spent a good 45 minutes googling the glasses to see if I really wanted to spend over £210 on a pair of shades. Turned out I do. So I managed to get off work a little bit early (told my boss straight as it was, someone I knew was dying and I need to go ASAP - joking I didn't say that). I went back to the shop and tried the pair on again - hair out, center parting, side parting, ponytail, sloppy bun, tight bun, loose again... I had no shame what so ever. And because the shop is new, obviously the staff-member assisting me didn't leave my side to show his manager that he was being that persistent salesman that he had claimed to be on his CV. But as I said I had no shame, I was treating this buy as if I was buying a million-pound mansion.

And then he (Ethan - I was in there for so long that we're now on a first name basis) relaxed said "and then of course there's Chanel over here...". So we head over and I see a pair that I love straight away. Cat eye but not too much cat eye. The classy cassette logo on the side instead of the slightly tacky CC logo. But they were brown...

Ethan quickly says that they can order one in black for me and that there is a 20% discount on everything. HELLOOOOOOO THERE IS NEVER A PRICE REDUCTION ON IN-SEASON CHANEL! It's a part of their exclusivity strategy just like many other premium brands.

So here I am, £198 poorer but a pair of Chanel sunglasses richer. Feels good. Let's just pray that the colour is what I imagine when they arrive.

16 April 2015

Conscious Exclusive 2015

I hope you haven't missed the new H&M Conscious Collection! Oliva Wilde will be the face of the collection and she looks absolutely stunning. A little bit like Swedish actress Malin Åkerman, don't you think?

The collection will be available in around 200 stores worldwide and is released today! I think my only hope will be to buy a piece or two online. I don't think many people know that you can actually buy the H&M collabs online nowadays. Who has the time to queue up outside a store for hours and then elbow your way through the shop to grab whatever's left? Thank god for online shopping.

My favourite pieces;

The Jacket!!! Can you see the slits along the sleeves? So innovative, love it.

14 April 2015


Oh man, the trip back to Sweden was intense but amazing as always. So many people to see and so much to do. And so much I wanted to show Lloyd!

We kicked off our weekend by going to my sister's house straight from the airport. Went straight to the pizzeria after she picked us up and got kebab pizza haha... Lloyd said it was the best pizza he's ever had. Sweden points! After that we played around and got silly with my niece in the sunny garden. Later on the big family gathered for a nice dinner before we passed out.

4 generations <3

The day after me, Lloyd, my sister and my two nieces went to Skansen, so much fun! Had Swedish meatballs for lunch and walked around for a few hours. After that we split up and me and Lloyd went to Friday's at Kungsträdgården for a beer in the afternoon sun.

Had forgotten how beautiful Stockholm is

Elin gave her dummies to the kittens at Skansen, a tradition to stop kids from using them :)
I put mine there as a child as well, around 13 years ago.......

A peacock gettin' cocky.

After that we went to my best friend Mirjam's flat on Söder for what I thought was going to be a double-date with her boyfriend that I hadn't met yet. When I got there 3 of my best friends jumped out and surprised me :') Everyone had told me that they were out of town and couldn't make it so I was SO surprised. Lina filmed it and put in on her instagram CLICK HERE to watch it haha..

They had prepared loads of cheese, cured meats, sweets and snacks so after that and loads of wine and catching up, we went out to a few clubs with shitty music and danced. Such a great night :) And like every other great night out, no pictures were taken...

The day after was spent at my mum's house were we had a delayed bday bash for me and my sister. My mum prepared a traditional smörgåsbord with herring, salmon, pie etc etc etc... Soooo good. They have just moved to a new house by the water and the view is just amazing. 

Dangled our feet from the rocks with a glass of rose. Life.

The day after we went to Vaxholm where my dad lives with his fiance. It's just by the ocean and there are loads of ferries and boats going out to all the thousands of islands that surrounds Stockholm. We wet out for a walk, made a few pit stops for beers and then went home for a nice BBQ. Quality time!

As you can see, 5 days disappear pretty quickly. We just got back last night (was kindly informed at the airport that baggage isn't included with shitty British Airways and that we had to pay 1600 SEK/£150 on the spot!!!!). Now I've got 2 weeks to prepare for my first exam. The sun is shining and I've got the day off work but I'm staying in all day. A few boring weeks are nothing compared to graduating with good grades that will be the beginning to something new. Ready, set, go.

8 April 2015

Busy busy

The past week has been quite stressful due to lots of work, studying and getting prepped to go to Sweden tomorrow! Since me and Lloyd work together and we're both Supervisors it's always a bit of a struggle for our boss to let us both go on holiday at the same time (thank you Sam!!!), so naturally we always have to work quite intense before and after we go away. Today I'm doing a 4-close and that's it for 5 days!! Can't wait to see my family and friends and best of all, the weather in Stockholm is amazing so I get to show Lloyd how good a Swedish spring/summer can be (sloooooowly preparing him to move to Sweden............. haha). Not joking. Speaking of, where can non-speaking people work in Sweden except for TGIF? That's literally the ONLY place I can imagine who would hire a Brit.

I spent all day yesterday buying presents for everyone (I've missed so many birthdays) and now I'm off to get my nails done and get my first ever spray tan... I'm so scared I'm gonna walk out of the salon looking like a carrot.

Woops, Lloyd just told me the nail appointment is in 20 min, gotta run! xx

1 April 2015

Primark tip!

Everyone who isn't a tourist in London kind of hates Primark. The brits call it Primani which explains it all. It is just too crowded in their shops and the quality of the clothes is just shockingly bad. That being said, I do pop in from time to time (especially if that time is close to pay-day and I'm running low on cash). I usually go there if I need new tights, scented candles or a new shower curtain. Maybe a new chunky necklace or two.

BUT I found these!!! £10!!! Now that's a fucking bargain.

Also available in black/white. Please ignore my ugly feet :)