4 June 2016

Trending fashion

It's funny how money (read: lack of) changes how I live. When I'm broke I never browse for clothes online and I avoid shops at all costs to not get depressed by the fact that I literally can't even afford a pair of socks. I find myself looking in the cupboard for a potential dinner that I can scrap together, and I end up eating cous cous with pesto to keep the costs down. The general interest in eating healthy has gone out the window due to an echoing account.

But then comes payday. I eat roasted root veg, healthy slow cooked stews and tuna nicoise salads. And I BROWSE like no woman has browsed before. Saving items for later on all my favourite online shopping sites and going back and fourth between them for hours, to put together the perfect basket before pressing the order button.

I think you've guessed it already - I got paid. And the inspiration is back on track as per usual, so I thought I'd list my top fashion trends at the moment. Here goes...

The pinstripe

Pinstripe blazers, suits and coats are a safe bet for at least a couple of months ahead. Oversized blazers in particular. Don't be too dressy though - match your 2-piece suit with a pair of Converses rather than heels.

Also - I never thought I'd say (write) this - I've ALWAYS hated the culotte phenomenon. So unflattering, so unnecessary. A trend that would come and go as quick as a family guy episode starts and finishes. But the other day we had a client in the office who had a navy, pinstripe culotte jumpsuit on, paired with white sneakers and a leather jacket. She looked so god damn fabulous that I'm going to wear just this. Don't get me wrong though, culottes in general still don't have my stamp of approval.

 I could murder for this suit from GestuzBUT old season and nowhere to be found...

Culotte jumpsuit from Missguided.

The exposed shoulders

This is not really a shocker is it - the cold shoulders and the bardot tops are everywhere at the moment. Preferably in shirt-like cotton fabrics in a loose style, or more structured like below. I quite like this romantic trend, however I think it is already cooling down and will soon be yesterday's news.

Top from Ellery.

The front slit trousers
Yes! I'm excited about this one. These type of trousers look good either as full length or ankle grazers, and they really highlight your shoes so make sure to wear a nice pair. The black ones below are actually leggings and are from Cheap Monday (£50). The dusty pink ones are made out of linen and are also on their way home to me - now on sale on ASOS for £21. Grab em while you can.

The unzipped sleeves
Just like the ankles are to be on show at the moment, so should your wrists. This trend is also completely free - just unzip the sleeves on your biker jacket and you're good to go.

The exaggerated volumes

Oversize, oversize, oversize. Kim K made sure that the last couple of years were all about super sexy body con dresses with an exposed cleavage. And now we're ready to move on - both skin-tight dresses as well as Kim Kardashian West are yesterday's news. Go for the exaggerated dresses, sleeves, tops and skirts this summer - the bigger the better.

 Denim dress from Asos own brand Asos WHITE - £65.
Pink silk dress from Anthropologie - £118.