26 October 2015

Paris Photobomb


Two weeks ago-ish me and Lloyd went to Paris to work at a massive Canon exhibition - Canon EXPO 2015. Our friend and my fellow Swede Linda is the Events Manager so she took us on board and oh my god, what a week. It was hard work and long days but just as much fun. I had never been to Paris before and considering red wine and cheese are my two favourite things in the whole world, it's safe to say I enjoyed myself.

The food, the atmosphere, the buildings; everything was beautiful. And this is gonna sound very lame but to walk around in the dark to then look up and all of a sudden see the Eiffel tour blew my mind. It really is huge and a majestic building. Linda got us VIP tickets so we got to skip the whole queue and take the lift all the way up. I'll say this though; it was incredible up there but I am never doing that again. I didn't know I was scared of heights - I know know (the video on Lloyd's phone is good proof of that). Shat my pants. It's just not natural to be that high up and a building that old, you know what I mean?

We also worked at a private gala dinner for Canon VIPs in Le Louvre, how cool?? The whole museum was closed for everyone else and it was a truly impressive night. The actual cast from Les Miserables, Beauty & the Beast and Phantom of the Opera performed during the night as well.

I can't wait to go back to Paris and I recommend anyone to go if you haven't been already! The visit made me understand the French people a little bit better. Them acting superior to others made a little bit more sense, however they are still pretty annoying ;)
Inside Le Louvre.

After work drinks.
Amazing steak restaurant where I had my first ever chateaubriand. So. Damn. Good.
The main entry to the massive exhibition at La Villette.
Looking up at the Eiffel tour from inside the lift.
Tourist alert! 
We tried snails - don't believe what people say it was HORRIBLE.
Fois gras & a charcuterie board on Champs-Elysees.
Gorgeous Paris.

At the top.......

Linda & Richard smooching!

French balconies.
A hidden gem! Amazing food & atmosphere.

Anyhow, to get the chance to be a part of and work for such an incredibly successful company as Canon was a great experience and I think it inspired both me and Lloyd. I've never been as determined to get a new job as I am now and I think he is too. I've fallen out of love with hospitality and I handed in my resignation yesterday!!!! The pressure is on.