9 November 2015

Back to Basics

"A girl should have 80% basics and 20% fluff in her closet."

How often do you go out clubbing? And how often do you want to leave the house looking sharp i.e. not wearing a super short mini dress in sparkly sequin? I KNOW it's a lot more fun to buy a party dress but let's get real, it's the item in your wardrobe you probably use the least.

To have good basics mean that they are also interchangeable - you can mix and match and wear them all together some way or another. To me that means black, black, black, white. Maybe a splash of colour somewhere but it would have to be in a really good material. Coloured clothes to me often look very cheap and the same goes with print. I think it takes a trained eye to spot what could be a good print and I have to admit I'm not quite there yet. I love it when girls mix print with print but I just tend to look like a clown when I make an attempt. Which brings me to another point; all clothes and trends are not for everyone and if you don't know how to pull it off - just don't.

Here is my complete list of basic wardrobe essentials that I feel lost without:

Crisp white tee
Loose black suit trousers
White loose-fit shirt
Black pencil skirt (preferably ribbed to get those nice cuuuurves)
Black leather biker
Super skinny, high waisted black jeans
Black or nude pointy heels
Clutch suitable for AM & PM
The perfect black blazer (still on the hunt for this myself)

Other than these wardrobe essentials, all you need is a red lipstick, red nails and silver stud earrings.
You are good to go my friend.