5 November 2015

Pineapple Wall Sconce

I had dinner at the lovely restaurant Rock & Rose last week to celebrate my boyfriend's sister's 18th birthday. The food was amazing as always - if you haven't tried their glazed ribs yet you know what to do. For those of you who have been there you know the decor is incredibly over the top and oozing rock glamour in a tacky way that actually works and it feels expensive. Imagine how a cheesy rock legend would decorate their bedroom with skulls, roses and candleholders everywhere. More is more basically.

Those of you who know me probably have no idea that I'm very interested in interior design and antiques (on a very amateurish level). As I've never owned my own flat and moved between different countries quite a lot, I've never wanted to invest in furniture as I didn't really see the point. Once I do however, I'm going to carefully select things that can stick around for a while and have personality, rather than going to IKEA to buy everything in the same make (I'll still go to IKEA though, for the meatballs). I feel like I'm going off topic here; I'll write more about all that some other time.

What I'm trying to say is:

THIS!!!! This amazingly golden, matte, sharp, handmade candleholder was hanging on the wall next to our table. I'm obsessed. After 3 glasses of wine I even waved the waitress over to ask her if there is anyone who knows where it is from or who's made it. She did not. No one did. I left the restaurant happy as it was a great night, but the pineapple was stuck in my head. And today I found it. 

This baby is made by interior designer Abigail Ahern. Turns out she's an internationally known designer who's been mentioned in both ELLE and The Guardian for her creations. She runs two London boutiques as well as a well-known interior blog. Who would have known. A wall sconce like this costs £100 - find it here.

My pineapple is now on it's way home to me.