23 April 2016

Tom Dixon Lighting

Let's talk about lights, lamps and pendants. British designer Tom Dixon is one of my favourites when it comes to lighting. I love the elegant, modern, art deco feel his pieces has to them and I am indeed a sucker for white and gold when it comes to interior design.

I'm not gonna lie - I can't afford any of his stuff (unless found somewhere in a second hand shop in the middle of nowhere where the owner as well as browsing customers are unaware of the fact that there's a Tom Dixon piece in the corner going for £10) - but one can always dream. And one can always work towards one day being able to afford these sexy beasts.

My favourites;

Plain Round Pendant Light
£255 - here!

Melt Mini Copper
£370  - here!

Mirror Ball Gold 50cm
£515 - here!

And the grand finale...

Plane Chandelier
£4,500 - here!