24 April 2016

Swedish Meatballs & Pickled Cucumber

45 meatballs haha! Guess what I'm having for lunch EVERY DAY next week...

So.... I've been watching Masterchef Australia recently. A lot. Often. Constantly. I've never really cared for cooking food (only eating it) but recently I've been a tad more interested in how to do things properly.

I've always enjoyed cooking healthy, quick and slightly weird food that I personally like. The kind of food that I wouldn't like to serve others as it wouldn't wow anyone? The voice in my head while preparing a meal sounds a lot like Joey in Friends when he eats that weird cake; custard? Good! Jam? Good! Meat? GOOD. This mentality equals weird combinations. And I don't use any fancy 6-hour recipes - actually I don't like to cook after recipes full stop.

It sounds like I'm eating really funky stuff but to describe my style of cooking in a few words; cook everything on the highest heat possible - oven or stove (burnt food if possible - LOVE burnt food), substitute the carbs with roasted vegetables or couscous, top with mixed seeds and LOADS of sea salt. Also, where applicable - half a bottle of ketchup. I put seeds on everything because I love the crunchy texture. Maybe that's why I like burnt food as well? Nah - I just love the charcoal taste haha. On this topic - every time I use the toaster I turn it up to full blast, so I've had Lloyd screaming HELIINA from the kitchen several times, aggravated by his black piece of toast :')

Back to where I started off - I'm starting to dig the cooking thing. I've recently made pulled beef, slow cooked chilli con carne, home-made curry from scratch, and yesterday I made home-made meatballs and mash, pickled cucumber, onion gravy and lingonberry jam. A Swedish comfort food classic, guess I'm a little bit home sick. I also went to IKEA earlier this week which inspired me so that's why I spent about 3 hours preparing and cooking the below. I haven't decided yet if that makes me sad or not...

I'm not going to pester you with a recipe as I assume you all use google on a daily basis, I just wanted to brag a little bit. That's what social media and blogs are for right? Thanks for listening. Good talk.

It might not look much to you. But this is progress I promise.