18 March 2015

Series addict

Doesn't it feel like movies are a bit dated... And that series are the way to go? My first choice every time.

You know the feeling when you really get to know the characters and the jokes become hilarious and you get hooked on finding out what's next? Or the excitement is just so big because you're hooked on the story? It's kind of like reading a really good book, but the book never ends.

Where I wanna get is, I thought I'd give you a few series-recommendations since I've basically seen all there is to see at this point. And I've got a great sense of humour so I know what's good and what's not. BTW don't expect to see any vampire/zombie/science fiction shit though, hate it all... YES even twilight.

Here is my complete list of recommendations, in random order;

VIKINGS. You get it............................... Just fucking watch him. I mean it. The show. Watch the show.

Who hasn't seen Breaking Bad at this point? Overrated or not, the show IS brilliant. Different storyline and good acting. The last season was a bit of a bore but the ending was great. No spoil.

Californication! About a whisky-drinking, sex addicted writer in... California. Entertaining and great for a lazy Sundays on Netflix. Doesn't it make you feel so bad about yourself when Netflix pauses itself after like 5 episodes and asks you if you're actually still watching? Yes. Yes I'm still lying here.

Dexter.. One of my absolute favourites. I preach this show to everyone because everyone should watch it. One of the most thrilling and exciting series, with the most shocking turns.

Entourage! About a famous actor and his entourage of best friends. Hilarious. Ari Gold is one of the funniest and best played characters there are.

The Office US, NOT UK. I've seen a few episodes of the UK version and oh my god, dry. Uk version: Steve Carell plays the part as an awkward, horrible boss of a paper company so good that my heart hurts sometimes from empathy. The show drags out after a few seasons but the first 4 are amazing. 

A not so commonly known show - Parks and Recreation. One of them shows where you need to really get to know the characters before you find it absolutely hilarious. Most of the cast are stand-up comedians as well so you can imagine. Great.

The Killing US, starring Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman as one of the two main characters. Murder investigations spread out over 4 seasons, but they are all correlated some how.. Different spin on a police show. VERY nerve wrecking.

Project Runway... Also one of my absolute favourites. I'm that much of a geek that I've seen the Swedish, US, Australian and Canadian versions.. Make it work.

America's next top model. You know what, it's a classic. 21 seasons and counting. And now that they've realised that they can combine the old reality concept with 'boys and girls' it's only gotten better. Tyra is one clever woman for coming up with this idea.