24 March 2015

New in

Went on a smaller shopping spree yesterday. I've already shown you the dress I bought but I also got these shoes and top. I found the top at H&M and bought it simply because it reminded me of the dress I was looking for (and thought I'd never see again). I'm still keeping it even though I found the dress 5 minutes later haha..

I LOVE the pastel green sandals, found them at Zara and they're in real leather which is great. I'm really done with plastic shoes, they last about 1 week, make your feet smelly and are usually so uncomfortable. I've also really tried to only buy flats recently that I'll be able to wear on a day-to-day basis. Figured these will be great with a short dress and bare (tanned) legs this summer. And as you know I've been craving the Adidas Superstars for a while. I Facetimed Lloyd to show him the sneakers and he just said "Nooooooooo....." while showing a disgusted facial expression. Too bad that I don't take style advise from you babe ;) They're stayin'!

I also bought a scented candle smelling of linen & seagrass, and a short sleeved shirt with some nice details around the collar. I was basically trying to find a top that would go with my black cigarette pants and pointy stilettos, I'm gonna try it on later to see if it's a match or not!

Top H&M - £15
Leather sandals Zara - £50, Adidas Superstar UO - £56