5 March 2015

Swedish vs. Scottish

Aaaaah the whole day off. The sun is shining, I'm up early and it's pay day.

I've got 3 things on my to-do list; lots of studying (exams are coming up), going to the gym and taking the bus to hammersmith to buy some stuff for the house. Lloyd is working tonight which means I can eat whatever heathy, weird food I want for dinner! For those of you who doesn't know, he's Scottish which means he likes his food fried. Preferably deep fried. A breakfast is basically NOT a breakfast without bacon, eggs and sausage. And he thinks a pizza is healthy if it has a tomato on it.....

Did you know that they deep fry Mars bars and pizza slices in Scotland?! As in coat them in batter and throw them in the fryer along with the fries? I love you Lloyd but if you ever expect me to eat this, we're done.

This is my breakfast right now, it's not a Swedish thing and I know it's weird but it's my absolute favourite. Open sandwiches on brown bread with honey roasted gruyere ham, cheddar cheese, avocado, pepper, raw broccoli and wholegrain mustard. I got the inspiration from Le Pain where they do a gruyere and cheese tartine with 3 types of mustard. Try it!