22 September 2015


Me in Camden last week.
Blazer Topshop - Jeans & top Zara - Boots New Look

All of a sudden all I want to wear is black. I might be subconsciously influenced by Kelly Cutrone as I'm watching the new season of Americas Next Top Model at the moment, or it might just be the climate change from summer to autumn. Not sure.

A year ago I was dead sick of the colour black as I had to wear all black clothes for work. As that rule changed, I was probably wearing more colourful stuff than I'd ever done. Just because I could! Well those news are old now and I've gradually made my way back to the dark side.

My opinion when wearing black on black on black is at least one loose item. To wear all slim jeans, top and cardigan is just not a wise decision. Also be careful with the leather/pleather PLEASE. Plastic patches by your elbows on your blazer is NOT acceptable. I wouldn't go any further than a leather skirt or a leather jacket personally, like in picture no 3. Leather trousers look great! On models. Size -0. Skin and bones. And 'leather' leggings without back pockets, with a short top to go with. NO!!! All in all, it's very easy to do it right, but also quite easy to do it wrong. And red nails and lips are always a safe bet. Do your homework: