16 February 2016

Lloyd got one year older.

Birthday boy haha <3
Busy weeks are resulting in no blogging what so ever. Last week I fell asleep at 21:00 in the evening. WOW.

Anyhow, the other week we were out to celebrate Lloyd’s birthday! As always when having too much of a good time - there are not many pictures left as evidence in my photo library, at least not any non-blurry ones. Probably for the better?

We decided to discover a new postcode for once and reserved a table at El Patron in Putney. Well guessed - a Mexican place! A laid back restaurant with good, classic Mexican food and a lively atmosphere. The lower ground turns into a small nightclub where there was both a DJ playing old-school classics (think Destiny’s child, Will Smith and Missy Elliot - not the Backstreet Boys-disco kinda thing) but also a huarache band popping up from time to time wearing massive sombreros. Haha!

After (literally) emptying the bar of Pacifico’s and Cafe Patron we danced all night until the lights turned on and things got awkward.

A great night indeed :)

Battle of the noses :')
Blue Steele

The taxi driver is taking the picture. Nuf said.