24 February 2016

ASOS shoe recall

Ha! I definitely don't believe in God but sometimes I wonder if someone's looking down.

Do you remember the thigh-high boots I bought a while back from Daisy Street via ASOS? They've been lying under my bed for some time now. I still really like them - I just find it so hard to wear them without looking hoochie. I think one reason to this is that I'm tall and have long legs. I'm absolutely not disguising a brag here just stating a fact, negatively actually. It's the same phenomenon as with high heels; on shorter girls a certain pair of heels can looks good and classy but on a tall girl it looks over-dressed and trashy. Just the way of life I guess.

So I stopped wearing them. And when I looked under my bed literally the other day I saw them and thought 'Hm. I wish I could return those, waste of money'.

Then today, I receive an email from ASOS called PRODUCT SAFETY WARNING. Turns out this particular shoe has forced ASOS to send out an email to every single person who bought them, saying that people have found the heel faulty and that it can be a safety hazard. If I'd like to return the shoes that's absolutely fine. Used and all.

Talk about coincidence huh?

Stumbled over this pic speaking of heels; google #heelconcept haha... Creepy.