3 February 2016

When the boyfriend's away..

Once in a while, my boyfriend spends the evening watching football at the pub. That means, for those nights and those nights only, I get to eat what I want. Not considering anyone else's needs or wants when strolling through the supermarket - just being selfish.

Don't get me wrong, Lloyd is an amazing cook! Much better than I am, but there are some things that he just never fancies. Like anything that's healthy for starters. Haha. Or one of the loves in my life - charcuteries. Cured meat in every shape, taste & form, the smelliest cheese you can find and a nice bottle of red. This is seriously what I eat for dinner every time I'm on my own. Like a little treat. And I'm a very firm believer of self-treating. You feel like going to a Michelin star restaurant on a Monday? Do it! You wanna spend £2000 on a handbag? Do it! Life really is too short. So this is me tonight guys:

Gruyere, Manchego, Iberico, Chorizo, Felino Salami, etc etc etc. And a dark, heavy, full-bodied glass of red.