8 April 2015

Busy busy

The past week has been quite stressful due to lots of work, studying and getting prepped to go to Sweden tomorrow! Since me and Lloyd work together and we're both Supervisors it's always a bit of a struggle for our boss to let us both go on holiday at the same time (thank you Sam!!!), so naturally we always have to work quite intense before and after we go away. Today I'm doing a 4-close and that's it for 5 days!! Can't wait to see my family and friends and best of all, the weather in Stockholm is amazing so I get to show Lloyd how good a Swedish spring/summer can be (sloooooowly preparing him to move to Sweden............. haha). Not joking. Speaking of, where can non-speaking people work in Sweden except for TGIF? That's literally the ONLY place I can imagine who would hire a Brit.

I spent all day yesterday buying presents for everyone (I've missed so many birthdays) and now I'm off to get my nails done and get my first ever spray tan... I'm so scared I'm gonna walk out of the salon looking like a carrot.

Woops, Lloyd just told me the nail appointment is in 20 min, gotta run! xx