26 April 2015

Study prep

So this is me getting ready to not leave my mac for two days.. I'm sure this inventory won't last me that long but at least now I don't have to leave the house until tomorrow eve (I do have some breakfast in the fridge and a big jar of coffee+milk).

My first exam is on Wednesday morning and it's in a very right/wrong-answer module. I can't get away with coming up with some bullshit story basically, or hide behind fancy words.

I'm sure I'll be fine but it would feel soo good to graduate with a top mark. There is the tiniest chance that I can (being optimistic here) so I'm really gonna put my mind into it and be prepared. In other words, stop blogging and dive back into decentralisation, cooperative strategies, differentiation, value chain, CSR, promotional strategies and competitive rivalry. Yey.

Btw the Nutella is for my break when I get to watch ONE episode of Svenska Hollywoodfruar haha.. Wish me luck.