14 April 2015


Oh man, the trip back to Sweden was intense but amazing as always. So many people to see and so much to do. And so much I wanted to show Lloyd!

We kicked off our weekend by going to my sister's house straight from the airport. Went straight to the pizzeria after she picked us up and got kebab pizza haha... Lloyd said it was the best pizza he's ever had. Sweden points! After that we played around and got silly with my niece in the sunny garden. Later on the big family gathered for a nice dinner before we passed out.

4 generations <3

The day after me, Lloyd, my sister and my two nieces went to Skansen, so much fun! Had Swedish meatballs for lunch and walked around for a few hours. After that we split up and me and Lloyd went to Friday's at Kungsträdgården for a beer in the afternoon sun.

Had forgotten how beautiful Stockholm is

Elin gave her dummies to the kittens at Skansen, a tradition to stop kids from using them :)
I put mine there as a child as well, around 13 years ago.......

A peacock gettin' cocky.

After that we went to my best friend Mirjam's flat on Söder for what I thought was going to be a double-date with her boyfriend that I hadn't met yet. When I got there 3 of my best friends jumped out and surprised me :') Everyone had told me that they were out of town and couldn't make it so I was SO surprised. Lina filmed it and put in on her instagram CLICK HERE to watch it haha..

They had prepared loads of cheese, cured meats, sweets and snacks so after that and loads of wine and catching up, we went out to a few clubs with shitty music and danced. Such a great night :) And like every other great night out, no pictures were taken...

The day after was spent at my mum's house were we had a delayed bday bash for me and my sister. My mum prepared a traditional smörgåsbord with herring, salmon, pie etc etc etc... Soooo good. They have just moved to a new house by the water and the view is just amazing. 

Dangled our feet from the rocks with a glass of rose. Life.

The day after we went to Vaxholm where my dad lives with his fiance. It's just by the ocean and there are loads of ferries and boats going out to all the thousands of islands that surrounds Stockholm. We wet out for a walk, made a few pit stops for beers and then went home for a nice BBQ. Quality time!

As you can see, 5 days disappear pretty quickly. We just got back last night (was kindly informed at the airport that baggage isn't included with shitty British Airways and that we had to pay 1600 SEK/£150 on the spot!!!!). Now I've got 2 weeks to prepare for my first exam. The sun is shining and I've got the day off work but I'm staying in all day. A few boring weeks are nothing compared to graduating with good grades that will be the beginning to something new. Ready, set, go.