17 April 2015

Chanel baby

I'm happy to announce that I've bought my first ever Chanel item people. Except for nail polish haha! #looser

I was on my way to work today when I spotted the new eyewear shop Maverick & Wolf across the street on Chiswick High Road. On display in their window was a huge ad for the chunky, well-known Céline sunglasses. Obviously I crossed the road without even looking out for passing cars and went straight in.

I've never tried the Celines on but yeah, they are just as sexy as in the pictures. Glamorous and very feminine. I tried on the ones with the largest lenses and chunky frames.

I went back to work and spent a good 45 minutes googling the glasses to see if I really wanted to spend over £210 on a pair of shades. Turned out I do. So I managed to get off work a little bit early (told my boss straight as it was, someone I knew was dying and I need to go ASAP - joking I didn't say that). I went back to the shop and tried the pair on again - hair out, center parting, side parting, ponytail, sloppy bun, tight bun, loose again... I had no shame what so ever. And because the shop is new, obviously the staff-member assisting me didn't leave my side to show his manager that he was being that persistent salesman that he had claimed to be on his CV. But as I said I had no shame, I was treating this buy as if I was buying a million-pound mansion.

And then he (Ethan - I was in there for so long that we're now on a first name basis) relaxed said "and then of course there's Chanel over here...". So we head over and I see a pair that I love straight away. Cat eye but not too much cat eye. The classy cassette logo on the side instead of the slightly tacky CC logo. But they were brown...

Ethan quickly says that they can order one in black for me and that there is a 20% discount on everything. HELLOOOOOOO THERE IS NEVER A PRICE REDUCTION ON IN-SEASON CHANEL! It's a part of their exclusivity strategy just like many other premium brands.

So here I am, £198 poorer but a pair of Chanel sunglasses richer. Feels good. Let's just pray that the colour is what I imagine when they arrive.