4 May 2015

Best roof terrace in London

Every summer I google:

"best roof terrace in London"
"best rooftop bar London"
"top 10 rooftop bars London"

...and every summer I end up at the same one - Aqua. The bar is located just off Oxford Street, with its entrance close to the Liberty shopping mall. It's a hybrid between a Japanese restaurant and a high-end bar with quality cocktails and ice-cold wine.

There is no sign outside the entrance but once you step in, you can tell you're at a no-sneakers-aloud venue. An elevator takes you straight up to the circular bar and right in the far back is the terrace.

It's not massive but the view is absolutely gorgeous since it's right in the centre of London. This is where you want to spend a sunny day. However make sure you've got a loaded Visa, they service charge everything and the prices are juicy..