15 May 2015

Double Layer Crop Shirt

Man I love ASOS. What do people in Sweden do? Nelly.com? Fuck that!

ASOS has everything. Do you want a jumper with a hole where your bellybutton is? They've got it. Do you want neon yellow scuba trousers? They've got it. Do you want Will Smith's face printed on a pair of knickers? They've fucking got it.

My style is far from that crazy (kind of the opposite) but you know what I mean. You can search for whatever detail you want on a garment and all the options pop up. With a price-range from basically the same amount as a Starbucks coffee up to what I get paid a month. And if you pay £9.95 like I've done, you get next day delivery for a whole year. And always free returns. Do you get it now? I can order five outfits on Thursday morning and receive them on Friday, pick the one I like to wear for the evening and then just stroll down to the post office on Saturday on my way to work and throw my return package in, no queuing.

Anyhow, I just ordered another batch that I can't wait to try on.
This is what I'm most excited about:

How gorgeous? I could live in shirts like these and a pair of black, skinny jeans.
£28 here!

You could think I'm sponsored, I wish. Also, I'm thinking of going back to brown hair. Just because it would look amazing with this shirt haha..