5 May 2015

Black Nails

Went to JK nails on the high road today for a manicure, all black and shiny baby!

I read some reviews of the salon online before I went there the first time and there were many comments about the staff not being very friendly and not service minded. After having read those reviews I think it's hilarious to sit there and look at how they work. There is no hello, smile or even a sign of welcoming when someone walks through the door, no unnecessary chit-chat and nothing stopping them sitting on their phones or speaking their language when dealing with a customer - they can wait. There is a take-it-or-leave-it attitude about the staff and I love it haha!

I'm always fantasising about what they're actually saying to each other, like "this woman's toes are fucking disgusting", "why the hell is she choosing this ugly colour" or "I reeeeeally need to poo I need to finish this up damn quick.." hahaha!

No matter what they're saying, the end result is always of good quality and the prices are good! So, well recommended.

Oh and I did actually manage to make one of them smile today, when I left a tip. Money talks!