14 May 2015


So much has happened the past week, I'll keep it short cause you're not gonna be interested in the deets anyways.

Deadlines for uni have been fucked up terribly, job interviews have been done, waiting for a reply about the job have been endured, not getting the job have been informed, exam have been aced, flats have been viewed and drinks have been drunk.

And smoothies! Lots of smoothies! Lloyd got me this blender the other week and it's just like that magic bullet that constantly ran on TV-shop back in the day? Do you remember? This one is from Russell Hobbs and this tube is attached straight to the blender, which you can put a lid on after you're done to drink on the go... I put banana, fat free yoghurt, pineapple, frozen berries and skimmed milk in this one. I feel very old writing this. Excited about a mixer. Hm.