4 September 2015

Eggs benny

So last night was my main bitch Louise's bday (happy birthday again!), but more about that later. This post is dedicated to my hangover breakfast at work this morning. I felt fragile after last night and needed a fix. 

The little hole in the wall Crepe Parisienne  on Chiswick High Road does a mean Eggs Benedict and Royal, for an alright price of £7.50. HOWEVER the Benedict was supposed to be made with bacon. What do I get? Turkey bacon! Are you fucking kidding me?!! It's either bacon or its NOT bacon. And you should inform me if I'm getting FAKE BACON! Very upsetting. I ate it but I wasn't happy about it.

What I would highly recommend is the Royal though (muffin, smoked salmon, poached egg & hollandaise) and it goes a little som' like this: