1 September 2015


...and the surprise holiday was to - dum dum dum - Turkey!

Not until me and Lloyd had reached the airport in Stockholm and met up with my mum and stepdad we found out where this mysterious holiday was located. Neither me or Lloyd had been before so it was a great surprise.

What surprised all of us was that Turkey is partially in Europe, partially in Asia (what the fuck?) which meant that my Scotsman needed a visa. What that meant was that he had to pay a fee of £25 at the airport...

Here is our week in pictures:

Poolside beers!
Bringing fashion to the poolside.
One of my favourite pics! Happiness!
My beautiful mami <3

Me & Lloyd were the kids at the pool, standard procedure.
The thermostat showed 40 degrees daily. And my nails were dark navy!
Strawberry Daiquiri's aren't only for girls, don't be sexist. Kinda gay though..
Lloyd didn't have chest hair when we met, my favourite anecdote from our history together :') #cradlesnatcher
Pittoresque view of the ocean next door.
My Primark sandals lasted all week and still haven't fallen apart, I'm amazed.
... COME ON MAN!!! Just google the words before ordering your sign, it takes 5 seconds.
Summan av kardemumman, a wonderful holiday with my loved ones. The weather was great, the all inclusive at our hotel was of great standard and for once a week didn't feel like it was over in two days. The only big decisions we had and asked each other about was;

- Pool or beach?
- Should we go eat something... again?
- Too early for a beer?

Big decisions as you can see :) THANKS again mum & Johannes for treating us to this lovely holiday, when I become rich I'll take you to the Bahamas and that's a promise.