15 September 2015

Louise's Bday

Celebrated one of my closest friends Louise's birthday the other week, she doesn't look a day over 32 does she?!? Haha joking babe :*

She reserved a table for me, her and the lovely Josefine at Japanese restaurant Maki in Richmond (looks more expensive than it is btw, give it a go). It was basically a Swedish trio of laughing, wining and gossiping girls all evening, a lush night. We all also had work super early in the morning and there were some horrific snapchats circulating the day after.

Gave Louise new coffee cups and stem-less wineglasses from Zara Home and guys I cannot talk good enough about that store, check it out!

Shoes New Look - Bomber Topshop - rest Zara

Super embarrassing toilet zelfies that I always take when drunk and that my boyfriend
awkwardly later on finds in my phone.... I can't help it, I'm only photogenic when I'm smashed!!!