27 December 2015

Christmas shenanigans

Oh man. So. Much. Food.

Me and Lloyd flew to Stockholm the 22nd and have since then eaten every 2 hours. And we're not talking snacks or "fika" here - we're talking Christmas smorgasbord and kebab pizza. My dad even fired up the barbecue last night! Yes outside haha! Don't get me wrong - that's what Christmas is about and food is mine and Lloyds biggest hobby anyways hehe. 

Christmas Eve was celebrated at my mums house with my lovely little nieces and the rest of the family. It's so cosy having kids around on Christmas again! I was Santa and Lloyd couldn't stop laughing. I know red isn't my colour but I didn't think I looked that bad.

The 26th it was time to go see my dad (hello 'divorce'-child!) so me and Lloyd took the train to Vingåker where my dad's+finance's lovely country house is. Soo cosy to be out here for a few days in the middle of nowhere. We've played card games and Lloyd was introduced to Yatzy. The game I was brought up playing throughout our super Swedish caravan holidays. Sentimental.

When in Vingåker, do as Vingåkerians do; Vingåker Factory Outlet! Today we went to this outlet which has loads of big brands at madly discounted prices. I found a gorgeous black long sleeve maxi dress from Tiger of Sweden and a nude coloured dress from Whyred. Will show you later!

Today we finally got some snow as well. It makes you wanna lie inside and eat even more haha, so that's the plan for the next few hours... Speak soon and here are a few snapshots from the weekend:

Lloyd looking merry ❤️
Christmas ham.. You legend.
Coffee stop before our train.
Christmas jumpers on!
Right now; me chillaxing in front of the fireplace and Lloyd passed out in the sofa. God jul ❤️