19 December 2015

Two wardrobes become one

With a new job comes an updated wardrobe. With two days left in hospitality (HOPEFULLY FOR ALL ETERNITY!!) I can't help but walk around thinking that I no longer have to wear shoes that can get me through a 16-hour shift running around on my feet.

I can wear big obnoxious branded jumpers (probably won't - but I COULD if I wanted to). I can wear sandals that aren't completely covering my feet in the summer. I can have my hair down.

Most importantly - I no longer have to divide my wardrobe in two - work vs. not work. Can you imagine?! I don't have to buy mediocre-looking shirts on sale because "I can wear them to work". From now on I'm gonna build up ONE wardrobe where every piece is a qualifier. The small things in life.

LOVE a nude shoe. New flats for work - Primark £12