9 December 2015


Yesterday was a beauuuuuuuutiful day my friends. I was invited back to a final interview for a job I've applied for. I was asked questions like;

- What's the biggest project you've ever planned?
- How would you plan your wedding?
- Tell me 3 bad things about yourself?

Haha.. To question no 2 I said that 'the top three priorities would be the venue, the food and my jaw-dropping dress. Later down the line I would worry about trivial things like the colours of the flowers, invitation cards and finding some average looking, ill-fitting bridesmaids dresses' (giggles).

To question no 3 I was just completely honest and said 'I work too hard, I take too much on, I live and breathe my job, I don't do anything else than working, I am too ambitious, too much of a team-player...' :) I couldn't think of anything to say (I know I should have as it's the most common interview question ever!) so I just said a few of these pretentious clichés  with a smile (giggles again).

It went really well and the two directors just seem like the nicest, most genuine people. It was one of those interviews where you just sit and have a casual chat for 40 minutes and then you leave thinking 'Hold on did I really sell myself there?'. But in the end (Nacho quote LOL) I think that the ultimate purpose of an interview is to determine whether a person would fit in with the team or not.

I've been crossing my fingers for this job since I first got in the loop and I was just over the moon when the woman said "you're hired!" when I asked if it's possible they let me know before Christmas. I mean how perfect is it: I leave The Roebuck the 20th, go home to Sweden with Lloyd over Christmas and New Years and then come back January 5th to start my new job. The timing couldn't be better!

So to the role before you ask - I'll be the PA to the Director of a wed design and development agency. They build and design e-commerce websites for all types of companies in all types of industries but mostly in - hold on to your chair - fashion. How good!! And there are great possibilities to grow within the company, something they also encourage. I honestly could not be happier. If I put in as much effort into this as I do in serving drunk people food and drinks - then the sky is the limit.

Can I also say that the office is in the middle of Richmond which is my favourite part of London and also a 15-minute bus-ride from where I live. There's also a sushi place in the same building. I mean COME ON...