5 December 2015

High views & high boots

This might be a shit picture both in terms of quality and especially as my brilliant outfit is not made justice, but it's the only decent picture I have from the other night when we went to Galvin at Windows on the 28th floor.

When I took my coat off Lloyd burst out "BABE half your shirt is hanging out". I replied thanks BABE I'll let you know when I want your fashion advice. If you saw me from the front you would have thought it made sense.

It's bloody hard to pull off the thigh high boots with bare legs in December. To be fair it was 15 degrees warm last week so you can't really call it winter can you. Back to the boots - you just have to go by the good old rule: legs or boobs. If you're wearing a mini skirt make sure you're covering your boobs with a long sleeve top. If you're wearing a buttoned up shirt make sure to show some leg. If you're wearing a loose high waisted pant it's allowed to show some cleavage. You get it.

These are the thigh-highs I ended up with in the end; from Daisy Street. Unfortunately they're all textile and not leather so I assume they will only last for one season. But the only other ones I liked and that didn't leave a massive gap between leg and boot were from Kurt Geiger or Russell & Bromley and they were all way to expensive for my current account. These are a winner though, so comfortable!

ASOS - £45

Also available in beige.