31 December 2015

Supper at Supper

Helloo! It's me! After having this place recommended to me by several I finally had supper at Supper last night. The food was absolutely amazing but I'm so so disappointed of the service which is equally important (I should know!).

We arrived and was told that we could have a table in about half an hour. No problem, we'll just have a drink at the bar! With only one bartender it took us 20 minutes just to order our drinks. This is obviously not his fault (again - I would know). As I was having dinner with one of my best friends Lina we were just chatting away, catching up. But after 1,5 hours I went up to ask if it would be much longer? I got an assuring back stroke and an "I'll sort a table out for you!". No words and no attention - 15 minutes later I ask another waitress if she knew what was going on? A few minutes later we get a "your table is ready girls!!" with a big smile. Thanks. Right by the door - literally the worst table in the whole restaurant. I said "I'm sorry for being that person BUT I'M GONNA BE THAT PERSON, do you not have another table for us as we've been waiting 2 hours?" 5 minutes later;

"Ehrmagerd you're SO lucky another table just opened up!"
"Thank you sooooo much" *fakesmiling back at fakesmiling waitress*...

Luckily for them I was in superb company and the food was fucking delicious so this didn't have the slightest impact on our night. We just laughed at our boozy jokes about our lovely table with a chilly draft and the waiter that had a face of a slapped arse. As one do. But it was still disappointing as my best friend previously worked in the same restaurant as well as other people I know. And I've only heard great things about the place. I guess we caught them on a bad night. Or we had a funny smell...

I bet you're a Cosmo-girl... "One Cosmo pliis"


With out cheeks blushing from all the wine we decided to have one last drink at Sturehof. The COOLEST and POSHEST place around. Only the cool kids go. You see - in Stockholm the only rule you need to remember is "the more money the better". And if you have an empty bank account; fake it til' you make it. Buy that fake burberry scarf and claim it's real. Throw half a jar of wax on your hair (backwards but slightly to the right) and go to the fanciest bars just to order a bottle of beer.

We sat their reminiscing about back in the day where we lived together in Hökarägen (bästa svängen). We used to go out Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Mondays and Tuesdays were there for recovery. Now we sat there, in the same bar as we used to go to, looking at 18-year olds strutting around and we came to a realisation. We're old.