4 January 2016

Christmas Prezzy

Aaaaah my handsome boyfriend.. He is an absolute legend when it comes to Christmas presents. He would empty his bank account to get the perfect present for me and I love him for it (that made me sound like a superficial golddigger, that's not the case). And he has given me such perfect gifts the two years we've been together. They guy bought me a Macbook Air for our first Christmas. I mean come on - talk about setting the bar!!

Hopefully I've given him some decent presents over the years as well but I can't help but feeling like I'm playing catch up. Hopefully one day I'll be able to wrap a car key or something in a little box and make his jaw drop. But until then...

This year I could only think of two things that I really wanted. Tory Burch earrings and a Larsson & Jennings watch in rose gold. The little bastard got me both. And then some. I'll show you the earrings later on but for now, here is LE watch: