17 January 2016

First week at work

It's official, I'm now the PA at LogicSpot. How freaking fabulous!!

It was a short week as I started on Wednesday. I'm quite happy about that as it was information overload as it was. I mean, imagine a half term exam worth 50% of your final grades, and that you had to learn all that information in three days before your test. That's how it felt. My brain was fried.

BUT I can't explain how happy I am!! It feels so right; the company, the people, the location, the travel, the workload. It's going to be a massive challenge and I'm gonna have to learn how to multi-task like never before, but hopefully I'll do a good job. Right now I'm that frustrating person that's asking 100 questions and is probably more of a liability than helpful but that's just how it is in the beginning like with any new job. I'll get there.

I'd say the absolutely biggest challenge is the fact that I now work in an industry that I have no previous experience of WHAT so ever. Web design and developing. With this industry comes many new terms, words and meanings as you can imagine. It's like people are talking another language. Again, I'll get there.

I think that's it for now. Now I'm going to enjoy this Sunday and get ready for tomorrow and a new week. Damn it feels good not to have that Monday feeling, can't wait for tomorrow!