23 January 2016


I've already told many of my friends about this app but I have to mention it again. Depop basically looks like an Instagram account but you upload pictures of things that you're selling. People can then like, message you or instantly buy the product.

I've sold quite a few things since I downloaded the app about two years ago. The easy sells are obviously designer items, like the Acne Studios sweatshirt below; I bought it for £88 and sold it on depop for £153! I've also sold presents form an ex boyfriend that I due to natural reasons didn't want anymore. How good is that?

So the thing with depop is that even if you don't sell anything the first, second or third month, if you just upload loads of things and then leave it - eventually there will pop up a message on your phone saying someone wants to buy your old jacket that's thrown under your bed taking up space. I mean, people even sell Primark items on this thing, which I find a little bit disturbing as there is actually someone out there who buys second hand clothes from a shop where a top is £3 brand new... But hey, every woman for herself.

I should say though that depop charges you 10% of whatever you sell so if you're trying to sell something expensive I'd suggest to use depop as a source of communication where you find a buyer and then arrange payments through a regular bank transfer. Ca-tjing!