8 January 2016

Blue Mascara Inspo

Me with the Colour Lash Mascara from Collection - £2

Back to the eighties. I invested in a (cheap) blue mascara just before Christmas to do a test-run. I can still remember this girl who came in to the pub this summer and she had shiny brown hair, blue mascara and a white loose shirt. She looked soooo stunning. Since then I've had my eye on a blue mascara, so that's how the story goes. 

My advise when wearing a blue mascara is to: 1. Keep the rest of your make up very basic and natural. Don't forget the brows though. 2. Don't forget to paint your lower lashes. 3. Don't wear ANYTHING coloured. 4. Don't listen to your boyfriend when he stares at you for 10 seconds then shouts that you look like a girl from a school disco back in -97. Boys just don't get it.