19 January 2016

Anna October

Time for another new-found designer I've fallen in love with - Anna October.

This Ukrainian designer (above in red!) makes feminine and romantic clothes with a tailored touch. Bare shoulders, big ruffles and structured yet flowy fabrics. Anna graduated in 2010 which is pretty amazing considering how far she's come. The brand is only three years old and she's already recognised worldwide.

The only Anna October stockist right now in Europe is located in Ukraine so to buy any of the pieces you must go through the website. Unfortunately for me I'm not rich enough to afford anything but a girl can always dream. And try to find similar budget versions of the pieces. Even though some parts of the collection are available on sale for around £200, most of it costs around £500. Which is a bit steep I know. But look.

The last two dresses......................... Come to mama.